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MAC - TRACE GOLD BLUSH (Swatch/Review)

A self proclaimed GOLD SUCKER…I could not believe my blog did not had an exclusive post on Trace Gold!!!

MAC Trace Gold Blush

This is a sheer tone shimmer blush. It has all the qualities that I was expecting in a highlighter with Gold tones. I personally don’t like this as a blush on myself. It is pretty sheer on me, and when I try to build the color, the cheeks end up looking bronzy and the shimmer level increases. This kind of ‘Bronzy look’ looks pretty, but something that I won’t wear everyday. It’s a summer blush and all year Highlighter for warm toned coral, orange, apricot blushes.

Comparison between NARS Luster, MAC Trace Gold, MSF Duo Medium Dark

This is my second favorite GOLD Highlighter, first being that shimmer side of the MSF duo which was limited edition. They are pretty close, though the shimmer side has less bronzy tones and they have different texture aswell.

Swatches of NARS Luster, MAC Trace Gold, MSF Duo Medium Dark (shimmer side)

This looks pretty close to Otherwordly, which was limited edition, but this one is more wearable as the former one is more Metallic. I like the fact that Trace Gold has more Gold and less Brown/Bronze, which makes it a lovely Golden Highlight for skin tones like mine….but again, its not the best Color as Blush for me…

Disclaimer: I have purchased this Product and these are my personal experience.


  1. Oooh, I LOVE Trace Gold blush, you reminded me I need to pull this out. It's a favorite of mine too :)

    Lovely comparisons! I really wanted those MSF duos, but the natural ones give me a bad allergic rash for some reason. Wish they had just done all shimmers for that collection, there were some gorgeous shades there.

  2. I have been meaning to buy Trace Gold forever but I never get round to it. I have Luster an am glad there's a definite difference to justify its eventual purchase ;-)

  3. Yeah! Shame on you for not having an entire category dedicated to that lol!

    It looks pretty, but i think i'm all set with my beloved Nars Albatross

  4. gr8 swatches! I agree otherworldly is too metallic or frosty and made my pores 10x larger than they really are,coz of which i dont reach for it anymore.shld have got trace gold instead and forgotten the hype surrounding otherworldy:)

  5. @sabrina: i wish they make just shimmers in one whole compact...Lovely golden goodness...

    @VexintheCity: Thank you so much for dropping by...You will like Trace Gold...:)

    @Amira: Haha..you teaser...owner of 'real' Golds...lol!!

    @Ash: I hunted for Otherwordly like crazy and when I got it, I was impressed but not so much. I still love it though, as its GOLD!!!

  6. I have this blush and I hardly use it. Need to try it as highlighter.