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Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eyeshadow

This is one long pending post….
Past few months saw me becoming a huge fan of cream based products like cream shadows and cream blushes. No wonder, I started searching for various brands having cream shadows that are smudge proof and crease free and most important affordable.
Laura Mercier creams shadows had some great reviews and a month back or so I did a little swatch at Sephora store just to get an idea of shades, so that I could order stuff online during sale with ease.

I opted for Platinum, Gold and Rose gold

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Shadow in Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum

These shades are very shimmery and have a metallic finish. They seriously don’t crease. I haven’t tried using them in many ways, but with whatever little I tried I found it to be blendable and soft. They are so easy to apply. I used my fingers and they just glided. Just a small dot is needed to get an even application, as piling on too much can mess the look. They dry within 30 seconds or so, to a shiny finish. These are very light weight and totally non-greasy.
By end of the day, I did notice some shimmers around my eyes, but that was after 12 long hours….Acceptable!!!

Swatches of Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Shadow in Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum

Metallic Creme Eye Colour Lush metallic color floats across the eye leaving a
gorgeous, shimmering sheen. High metallic pearl. Waterproof, lightweight, and

Platinum is a shimmery, champagne color with some peachy hues to it. But I didn’t notice much of peachiness on my lids. The tube is very small in size and its easy to use. No goopy mess. This would make a great color to apply in the inner tear duct area, as they make eyes look ‘awake’.

Gold is a taupe gold, more like antique gold and looks pretty….obviously anything gold is loved by me….As very little amount is needed, so the tube will last for long long time. I used concealer brush to apply this one, but fingers work fine aswell.

Rose Gold is my favorite of the bunch. It is a metallic, shimmery peachy, pink gold color. Very much like Rose color and Gold color mixed together…(if that makes any sense…lol!!)

Clicking pictures was very difficult for these products. The metallic shine is so shiny, that it reflected light, practically making it difficult to show any color in the swatches. When I say metallic sheen, it is a ‘good’ sheen and not a cheap, disco ball shine.

Personally, I have yet to figure out more ways to use this product….meanwhile, wearing it all by itself is the only thing I could do. Oh, I used it at base too. It worked, but I have yet to think of some more looks using these as bases.

p.s: Creasing of a crème eye shadow or base is very subjective. Some things that work for me, may not work for you!!

You can check the old swatches of Laura Mercier Metallic Eye shadow here.


  1. Great post. I'm loving the swatches. I'm not too much of a fan for cream shadows...because of the creasing...but these colours are SO PRETTY! I love golds!

  2. I am glad you posted this review. Actually I purchased these in Alloy and Platinum today and am going to get Burnished Copper as well. Pixiwoo (if you know that You Tube duo) used them in some of their videos and I really liked the looks. So you can check them out for more inspiration if you like.

  3. Hey grls,

    @zerin: Rose gold is vey pretty...Try at store, this may not crease, as it dries...

    @Yarisse: Pixiwoo sisters are amazing...i like their looks, though some of them are too bold for me to carry. I will sure look for the looks in which they used this. Thanks for letting me know and also for stopping by and commenting..:)

  4. i love these ..thanx for the review

  5. resham: Oh, you are welcome! I have discovered your blog recently and I really like it.

  6. You're right, the rose gold is my favorite too! I have only tried cream e/s from Elf and they sucked, so maybe I should try LM and I'm sure I'll love them much more!

  7. They look really nice, it is hard to find a good cream shadow, I'll have to give these a try.

  8. Those are beautiful! I'd love to add the Rose Gold and Gold to collection. Thanks for swatching!

  9. They look lovely, I think they 'd be gorgeous for daytime looks, or for a shimmery accent for a more dramatic one!!!
    Love the colours you went for, it's exactly what I 'd have picked too... ;)


  10. Hi :D

    I don't have Laura Mercier in my country but this looks fantastic, i loved rose gold, such a pretty colours. I read some good reviews on this brand, like the eye primer...
    I'm seeing myself reaching creamy eyeshadows when i'm in a hurry , they're so practical! I like MAC paintpots ;)

  11. I agree with many others here. Rose Gold is to die for!

  12. Gold and Rose Gold both are pretty. I never knew these existed..hehe!!

  13. Gold and Rose Gold both are pretty. I never knew these even existed!

  14. All shades are so nice. Thanks for the swatches.

  15. Rose gold is lovely, but I find Gold to be super amazing!!

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