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Kat Von D - Painted Love Lipstick Swatches

Kat Von D - Painted Love Lipstick Swatches in Lolita, Prayer, Hellbent,
Rosary, Stiletto, Underage Red, Backstage Bambi, A-Go-Go
So we have talked and reviewed about these Kat Von D lipsticks. Most of the shades in her line are not for faint hearted. Ubber dark and sexy...

Sephora Site shows 11 shades on their website. My store had 8 available in place.

Lolita: Dusty rose
Prayer: Mauve brown
Backstage Bambi: Hot pink
A-Go-Go: Reddish Coral
Hellbent: Blood red
Rosary: Darkest Burgundy red
Stiletto: Orange red
Underage red: Bright crimson
Homegirl: Dark plummy brown (Missing)
Mi Vida Loca: Milk chocolate (Missing)
Misfit: Rum raisin (Missing)

I will try to update the post with the remaining colors whenever possible.
Hope you enjoy the swatches....
p.s: These are in-store swatches of the lipsticks. I own only one in Lolita.


  1. OMG, these are so bold and pretty. You have some amazing swatches!

  2. Aww thanks for the comment! I tag you! :D

    More great swatches! I love how Backstage Bambi and Underage Red look!

  3. These swatches are so amazing. I liked prayer and Underage Red.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!xD
    lol @ ur comment re the Cargo sale. The shelf was pretty empty in store too! I wanna go back n pick up a couple more palettes cos it's just so cheap!
    Wow Kate Von D's lippies aren't for the faint hearted, I agree that Lolita is ppbly the only safe one.
    Does it give you the lips of a sexually precocious 12 year old? xD

  5. i love those ..super pretty shades