August 28, 2009



The Multiple:
Nars The Multiple is the original all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multi-purpose makeup stick. With fingertip application, The Multiple highlights, sculpts, and warms eyes, cheeks, lips, and body in an array of shades from sheer accents to mauve and bronze

(Sephora description)


I have been lemming this one product for the loooonnngest time!!! I remember, it was in my lemming list last Christmas too!!

I just couldn't loosen my pockets to pay $45 plus tax for one prodcut....I call it EXPENSIVE. This time i had a giftcard worth $20. I pooled some from my pocket and got this cutie...

It is a beautiful, multi-purpose product that can be applied on cheek and lips aswell. I didn't use it on lips, but on cheeks its very light in texture, not sticky or goopy, blends beautifully and not very shimmery. With NARS product, specially cheek products you need not worry about pigmentation or lasting power.

It smells O.K, i can't describe how it smells, but its not "great" and its not bad either to bother. The packaging is user friendly and sturdy. There is LOT of product. I don't mind if they reduce the quantity and sell it for less....i mean, its a cream based product and has a shelf life...(i would never have the heart to throw it past its expiry date)



What colours have you tried? Do you find any major difference between Stila convertible and this stuff?? Share your thoughts about Cream cheek products in comments.

August 25, 2009



Lightly define and warm brows by applying Cork Eye Shadow with 266 Small Angle Brush. Neutralize eyelid colour by applying Prep + Prime Eye with a 242 Shader Brush. Use 219 Pencil Brush to apply Photo Realism Eye Shadow under the brows for a subtle highlight. Use 217 Blending Brush to apply Freshwater and In The Gallery Eye Shadows over the eyelid. Use 217 Blending Brush to apply Contrast Eye Shadow through the inner contour, and a blend of In The Gallery and Purple Shower Eye Shadows through the outer contour. Open up the eyes with an application of Fascinating Eye Kohl through the waterline of the lower lashes. Apply two to three coats of Plushblack Plush Lash Mascara on both upper and lower lashes to finish the eyes.

Create a soft glow on the upper cheekbone by applying Notable Powder Blush.

Hydrate the lips by using Prep + Prime Lip. Define the lip with Burgundy Lip Pencil and follow up with Full Body Lipstick and a light coat of On Display Lipglass.


Define brows by using 263 Small Angle Brush to apply Espresso Eye Shadow. Neutralize eyelid colour by applying Prep + Prep Eye with 228 Mini Shader Brush. Use 217 Blending Brush to apply Phloof! Eye Shadow, under the brow for a pink opal highlight. Create a smoky eyelid by applying a blend of In The Gallery and Private Viewing Eye Shadows with a 242 Shader Brush. Use 224 Tapered Blending Brush to blend Lightfall Eye Shadow through the crease with Private Viewing Eye Shadow as the outer contour. Intensify the upper lashline with an application of Graphblack Technakohl Liner. Create a smoky line through the lower lashes by using a 242 Shader Brush to apply In The Gallery Eye Shadow. Finish the eyes with two to three coats of Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Create a pink glow on cheeks by blending Pink Swoon Sheertone and Dame Powder Blushes.

Hydrate and protect the lip with an application of Lip Conditioner SPF 15. Lightly define the lip with Cork Lip Pencil. Blend Front Lit Lipstick and Young Thing Lipglass for a soft nude mouth.


Define brows with Lingering Eye Brows. Neutralize eyelid colour by using a 242 Shader Brush to apply Prep + Prime Eye. Use 224 Tapered Blending Brush to lightly blend Photo Realism Eye Shadow under brows for a soft highlight. Use 252 Larger Shader Brush to apply Grey Range Eye Shadow over the eyelid. Contour the crease by using 224 Tapered Blending Brush to apply Fresh Approach Eye Shadow. Intensify the upper lashline with an application of Graphblack Technakohl Liner. Create a smoky line through the lower lashes by using 228 Mini Shader Brush to apply a blend of Grey Range and Haunting Eye Shadows. Define upper and lower lashes with two to three coats of Black X Mascara X.

Create a soft contour on cheeks by using Notable Powder Blush.

Hydrate and refine the lip by applying Prep + Prime Lip. Lightly define the lip with Subculture Lip Pencil before following up with an application of Lovin' It Lipstick. Finish the lip with a generous coat of Young Thing Lipglass.



Lightly groom and define brows with an application of Lingering Eye Brows and Clear Brow Set. Use a 242 Shader Brush to apply a light layer of Artifact Paint Pot as a primer for the eyelid first before eye shadow application. Use 239 Eye Shading Brush to apply Brash & Bold Pigment on the inner eyelid, and follow with Push The Edge Pigment on the outer eyelid. Switch to 217 Blending Brush to blend Brash & Bold Pigment through the inner crease, and Push The Edge Pigment through the outer crease for a soft diffused contour. Intensify the lower lashline with Smolder Eye Kohl before applying two to three coats of Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Create a soft contour on the cheek by applying Notable Powder Blush.

Hydrate and protect the lip with an application of Lip Conditioner SPF 15. Finish the look by applying a generous amount of Young Thing Lipglass


Define the brows by using 208 Small Angled Brow Brush with Espresso Eye Shadow. Use 217 Blending Brush to highlight the browbone with Shroom Eye Shadow. Use 252 Larger Shader Brush to apply Rich & Earthy Eye Shadow over the eyelid, and follow with Cocomotion Pigment. Create a warm contour through the crease by using 224 Tapered Blending Brush to apply Cork Eye Shadow. Define the lashline by applying Teddy Eye Kohl through the waterline, and follow with a precise line of Notoriety Eye Shadow above the upper lashline, applied with 266 Small Angle Brush. Use 214 Short Shader Brush to blend Cocomotion Pigment through the lower lashes for a warm intensity. Finish the eyes with two to three coats of Plushblack Plush Lash Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Create a soft, golden glow on cheeks by applying Trace Gold Sheertone Shimmer Blush.

Softly define the lip with Subculture Lip Pencil. Create a nude mouth by applying Front Lit Lipstick and follow with a glossy coat of Young Thing Lipglass to complete the look.



Groom the brows with Clear Brow Set. Neutralize eyelid colour by using a 242 Shader Brush to apply Prep + Prime Eye. Use 239 Eye Shading Brush to apply Crest The Wave Eye Shadow over the browbone for a highlight. Use 239 Eye Shading Brush to shade the inner corner eyelid with Crest The Wave Eye Shadow, and follow with shading Haunting Eye Shadow through the outer corner eyelid. Contour the crease with an application of Colour Matters Technakohl Liner first, before using 222 Blending Brush to blend over with Haunting Eye Shadow. Create definition and lift on the upper lashline with an application of Artistic License Technakohl through the outer lashes. Smudge and diffuse Artistic License Technakohl Liner through the lower lashes. Elongate and define upper and lower lashes by applying Pitchblack Pro Longlash Mascara.

Create a peachy glow on cheeks by using a blend of Off The Page Eye Shadow with Peaches Sheertone Blush.

Hydrate and protect the lip with an application of Lip Conditioner SPF 15. Define the lip with Pink Treat Cremestick Liner. Apply Lustering Lipstick,followed by Clear Lipglass for a highly lacquered effect.


Warm and define brows by using 208 Small Angled Brow Brush and Cork Eye Shadow. Blend a soft highlight under brows by using 252 Larger Shader Brush with Skintone 1 Eye Shadow. Use 239 Eye Shading Brush to blend Crest The Wave Eye Shadow on the inner and outer eyelid, and follow with a highlight in the center of the eyelid with Maira's Mood Eye Shadow. Switch to 217 Blending Brush and continue blending Maira's Mood Eye Shadow through the center of the crease, and finishing the outer contour with Era Eye Shadow. Intensify the upper lashline with an application of Graphblack Technakohl Liner. Create subtle definition through the lower lashes by using 266 Small Angle Brush to apply Notoriety Eye Shadow. Apply two to three coats of Black Dazzle Dazzle Lash Mascara to finish the eyes.

Lightly contour the cheek with The Perfect Cheek Powder Blush.

Hydrate and refine the lip by using Prep + Prime Lip. Lightly define the lip with Subculture Lip Pencil. Follow by using High Strung Lipstick over the lip, and complete the look with a light coat of New Spirit Lipglass.

August 22, 2009

Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Eye Serum

This lightweight, moisturizing eye serum calms skin and helps break the cycle
that can lead to unsightly eye area concerns, while creating a healthier-looking
eye zone. It features my signature Mega-Mushroom blend - Hypsizygus ulmarius,
Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms and herbs - Ginger, Turmeric, Holy Basil, plus
Grapeseed Extract to quell over-reactive skin and reduce the appearance of under
eye puffiness, and Yeast Extract to help relieve dark circles.

Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Eye Serum

This particular eye Serum has been a part of my skincare routine for decently long time. I just never got a chance to review it. If I remember correctly I purchased this in January 2009 and have been using it since then. For the initial months I was not very regular though, but since May, I have used it religiously.

How I use it

Once at Night
Duration: 4 months

This particular serum is semi-liquid, creamish - brown in color. I shake the bottle and apply it with my ring finger under my eyes and around the eye area aswell. The liquid absorbs quickly and is not greasy at all. It does has a funky smell, which honestly does not bothers me at all. Infact, it gives me a feel of applying something natural/herbal stuff.

The product does not moisturizes my under eye area well. My main concern is dryness and dark circles. Wrinkles and Puffiness are not my eye issues at the moment. This is the product that has really worked on my dark circles. It has reduced them considerably and I am happy with the way that has brightened my whole face. I wish it moisturized my under eye area too. Still looking for a product that would do dual task.

Ok, now this is to be applied twice a day. The Origins Sales Associate told me to use it twice, but it stings the eye, if it accidently goes in, which is bound to go in if I am awake. So I restrict the use of this product during the night. I apply and sleep....Simple!

The packaging is convinient. The pump is hygenic and I like that it has a twist lock system. The bottle has to be shaken well before use.

As of now, I am liking this product a lot. Its not the complete eye cream/serum for me, as I am looking for something that would give me adequate moisture under my eye. Any suggestions are Welcome!

August 21, 2009


CCO buys

In continuation with products i picked from my local CCO over past few visits.

Mineralize blushes are one product that i kept avoiding to buy specially becasue of the shimmer level. But one use of Nuance from the same line and i knew i am going to love these. Sonic chic collection probably had the best Mineralize blushes.. Everything released later was Glitter Country...

Few Shades of Sonic chic collection became permanent, but a few remained Limited edition (LE). Pleasantry is one such shade, that i wanted and when i saw it at my CCO..i couldn't pass.
Its a beautiful. low shimmer, pink colour. It gives this lovely pink colour on cheeks, but not pink to make you look like clown.

As it is an old blush, i am sure all my make-up junkies must be having this...:)


Petticoat MSF and Perfect Topping MSF

Inspite of knowing the fact that most of the MSFs don't work for me, i still picked these ones, hoping that someday, some colour, some formula would work for me. I picked these two lovely shades.
Swatching MSFs are hell of a task. I don't tend to capture the true colours, but i try.

Perfect topping is pretty soft and a bit powdery, just like Refined MSF, which i had not liked. This would work more as a face Highlighter, because i didn't find it pink enough to use as a blush or shimmery enough to use as a highlighter. This is bound to leave a white cast on my cheeks if i am not careful.

Petticoat MSF sure is more pretty. This gives a beautiful rosy/pink cheeks. I find it gives this metallic sorta finish.
The colours of MSFs differ in each container, depending on the veinings of the colours. Mine didn't have loads of shimmery coppery red veinings, so i got a less metallic finish, which i guess works for me.


Petticoat MSF, Perfect Topping MSF, Pleasantry blush

Different lighting

Way to Love and Utter Pervette Lipsticks

I picked these because they looked pretty in tube and were lustres. I like lustre formula. will swatch these later.


Hot Frost, Magnetique and Fierce and Fabulous.

The Dame Edna Lipglass, Hot Frost looked pretty in tube. Its shimmery, frosty lipglass. Those are not my favourite types, but its ok to have a few. Also at CCO its pretty over- whelming and confusing. I tend to buy some stuff just because they look pretty and are LE.

Some more junk, in next post...:)

Hope you enjoy the swatches....

August 20, 2009


I got lucky to find some cool stuff at my local CCO. Now, the thing is one of my very good friend lives very close to CCO, like 5 minutes walking distance....Trust me guys, its not good.
Past month we almost went to CCO every weekend and ended up buying a lot of goodies, not because any of that was needed but just because they were great finds at discounted rates.....and well, they were MAC...:)

Pink grapefruit Lipglass and Solar Riche Bronzer

So i picked a bronzer in Solar Riche, the one that was released in Neo-Sci Fi collection. Its a brown (obviously) with very very light shimmer. Its not OTT the Laguna bronzer by NARS, which i don't own, but have definately swatched like 10 store..:)
I haven't used it yet, because i am not sure if i would like to use this or stick to my old Bronzer...

M.A.C Solar Riche

MAC Lipglasses

Next things were 2 lipglosses. One is Moonbathe from Moonbathe collection and other is Pink grapefruit, from Neo-Sci-Fi again. The Moonbathe lipgloss is a pretty peachy colour and looks great in tube, but it is very very sheer. Not a must have kinds...The colour effect could be easily duped by any sheer lipgloss.
Pink grapefruit is one that i have been wanting since long, because i bought the Electro Lipstick sometime back from the same collection. Its an Orange lustre and it looks awesome with Pink grapefruit on top....Gorgeous!!! I had seen this combination on You tube and had liked it....

MAC Afterdusk, Otherwordly Blush and Moonbathe Lipglass

The best thing that i found at CCO was After dusk blush from Moonbathe collection. Its sooo gorgeous!!! Its a lovely Pinky-plumy colour with gold shimmers...Awesome!!!

MAC Afterdusk, Plum du bois and Blossoming blush swatches

I did these comparison swatches at store. I don't own the other two colours.

MAC Otherwordly blush and Trace gold blush

Then I picked a back up of Other wordly blush which is a beautiful golden highlight, very metallic. Its similar to Trace gold blush which happens to be permanent, but this one is ubber metallic. I would love to use it as an eyeshadow....Infact, it is very similar to Cosmic eyeshadow from the same collection. Trace gold is more wearable. With Other wordly you have to be carefully while applying and blend well.

MAC Otherwordly, Trace gold Swatches

Swatches in different Angle

Miss Dynamite Dazzleglass

There was this Dazzleglass i picked. I had never tried a DG...because I hate very sticky products on lips and had heard that DGs are more sticky than the regular MAC lipglasses. Lipglasses are the maximum stickiness i can handle...
Miss Dynamite DG is this sparkley golden brown colour. I am NOT liking this one.
After applying it once, i found it travelled all around my lip area....later to know that i am not supposed to smack my lip when DG is!!!

Moonbathe, Miss Dynamite and Pink Grapefruit swatches

Now, that i know how to use it 'correctly' i might start liking it. It is sticky too...
There are couple of other things too...that i will post later. Now, i am getting bored swatching...and this post is getting too long......

August 17, 2009



LOVELY COLOUR (I re-discovered this boxed beauty!!!)

Last 2 weeks have been painfully horrible for my cheeks. Something broke me out!!! It was a Blush for sure....which one, i am not able to figure out.
Now, i have acne free skin, but occasionally when some product doesn't works, i get these small bumps, like prickly heat dots...They are not acne, filled with some ugly yellow stuff..they are BUMPS (i don't have the correct word to describe these...)
So its all started when 2 weeks back, i did this back to back make-up for 2 days for times (morning-evening) for different occasions...i used couple of cheek products...

First session i used Just a pinch gel Blush, followed by NARS Deep throat and a highlighter (shimmer side of my MSF duo)Second session it was Clinique cream blush with Nuance on top.Third session my cheeks were painted with Laura Geller Golden ApricotFourth session the cheeks were tortured to Cargo Rome and a highlighter again.

By next morning, the lovely, glowly, smooth cheek area had turned into a bumpy road....OMG, it took almost 2 weeks to get rid of every i write this, i can still feel one tiny bump...
Now, i guess it was Laura Geller stuff, because others i have used more than one or two times....but i remember in the past Deep throat or NARS blush had did this to me aswell....i am not 100% sure, who the culprit is...


But whatever it is....i stopped using cheek product/blush for a week and then slowly started with CORALISTA by benefit. For some strange reason, i felt CORALISTA was not a blush and just a 'rose tinted powder'. May be it didn't show any shimmers on it and is not mineralize stuff, made me believe its safe...



Such a pretty colour. It was light on skin in terms of texture, no OTT shimmers, non-offensive mild scent and gave the perfect Pinky Coral colour to those bumpy cheeks. It does comes with askinny brush. I don't use it for applying the blush itself, but i feel it will work good if used as highlighter for precise application.


I am soo happy i have this product and though the packaging is a bit bulky and non-durable, i would love to try all the boxed powders now...

What are your experiances with boxed powders?? Please share them in comments....
As of now, CORALISTA is simply LOVE!!!

August 15, 2009

CARGO Blu-ray Mattifier - Review

GARGO Blu-ray Mattifier

This is a product which i had foe quite a few time and i never did a review on it. It was a part of Cargo Blu-ray kit. Now, when i am close to finishing this product, i realised i like it a lot.
Buying again full size would cost me $26, I realised how good deal i got when it was a part of kit.

CARGO blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier

What it is:
A skin mattifier created especially for use with high-definition film.

What it does:
Created to provide flawless results while looking completely natural during high-definition filming, blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier is a luxurious, silky liquid skin mattifier that can be applied either over or under makeup to refine pores, minimize lines, and condition for a polished look.

What else you need to know:
Apply High Definition Mattifier in place of traditional loose and pressed powder. The oil-free formula refines the appearance of the pores and helps to control the look of oil and shine during the day.

Looks Like...this

My experiance with this product has been very good and satisfying. I use it under my tinted moisturiser or at times under foundation as primer. Unlike the Smashbox primer, that makes my face slippery and oily after some time, this blends in beautifully.
It looks like in the picture above, but when rubbed on face, it blends with the skin tone and turns into powder form. It does not sticks/sits at one place.
Hardly has any fragrance, rather its fragrance free.
As they they claim it to be a mattifier, it does mattifies and does not makes me look all greasy and oily, which is the best thing. Also, it fills in pores and it becomes easy for me to apply mineralize products.

Overall its a great product, but then again skin care products, Shimmer in a product or Colour of a product are all subjective. Something that i like, may be the most hated item by someone.

Next time if you are in Sephora, do try rubbing a dab of it on hand, just to see the consistency and feel.....

Please share your favourite Primers/mattifiers/line filler/pore-filler in the comments below. Its good to know new products....:)

August 11, 2009


I have been blessed with an ACNE free skin, but unfortunately my husband dear is not. He is obvioulsy past his teens, and still has to struggle with some serious, stubborn acne. There are these acne free days/months in his life too...probably the happiest ones...but once that 'Acne Attack' starts, it takes months to get rid of them and years to get rid of the scars left behind.

After almost a year of hiatus, his acne re-surfaced....He tried every product available, but in vain. Later we realised that anything with salicylic acid in it worsens the situation....time to switch products...

I am a certified aromatherapist, so i knew the importance of Tea-tree oil in Acne cure. But, my hubby dear was 'eh', when his face started looking like a moon with craters, he reluctantly agreed to try TEA-TREE stuff....


This lotion is to be applied at night. Its a non-greasy stuff and smells, well just like tea-tree oil. Infact all the products smell same...just like the oil. This comes in a tiny pump bottle.


This oil is from walgreens. Its pure essential oil. I mix it with a light Aloe-vera gel and kept it in a jar. He applies this gel in the evening. This can be a bit drying, but for him its working because his face oozes oil like oil mines in Gulf countries...


This is a face fash, from Body shop and it has the same tea tree scent.


He uses it twice a day, at times three times a day. This is a bit drying aswell.


The exfoliant is to be used twice a week (suggested by the store person).


I find the grains a bit hard, grainy types. I did use is once out of curiousity...It sure is rough....

Hubby dear has been using this past 4 weeks and we are surely seeing some improvement. Newer acne has not been irrupted and his face looks pretty ok. But i didn't see significant change in scar. Blemishes have faded a bit, i dunno...,may be i am making that up....Well, i didn't expect it either, simply because scars and blemishes take ages to diminish, let alone disappear.

More information about Tea-Tree oil here.

I found these products at

If anyone of you has any tips to get rid of acne scars and blemishes, please drop a message in comments...i really need to know some magic potion....after all i have to see his face....:)

August 7, 2009



Bare Escentuals® Tutorials

Smoky 'V' Eye With Tutorials:
Smoky 'V' Eye, you are instructed in simple steps on how to achieve this forever-in-demand eye style you've always admired, but were never taught. This one-of-a-kind, patent-pending brush, with unique 'V' end to build intensity, provides the easiest-ever smoky eye application. Follow the easy instructions on the detachable tip card for noticeably intense, beautifully advanced smoky eyes.

Kit includes:
BareMinerals® Pacific Heights Eyeshadow (0.02 oz.)
BareMinerals® 1990s Glimmer (0.02 oz.)
Double-Ended Smoky 'V' Brush.

Anybody ever tried this 'V' shaped brush?? Sephora reviewers say, it 'sucks'!!!
I am very curious to know does this really works..Is it easy?? How to use it?? Will it give the 'perfect V'.....CURIOSITY AT ITS BEST!!!!

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August 4, 2009



What it is:
A long wearing lipstick and lip gloss all in one.

What it is formulated to do:
The secret is a blend of patent-pending polymers that provide long-lasting wear with rich pigment that glides on like your favorite lip gloss. The tip of the pen is contoured to provide easy, precise application - hugging every curve of you lip.

What else you need to know:
A breakthrough that boasts extended wear time while keeping lips feeling soft and smooth - never dry!



NO FLASH (Stila Rendezvous and Exquisite)

My experiance:
I have had these 2 colours for quite some time. As it claims, it sure is liploss and lipstick in one. It imparts rich color as its on tube and is seriously long wear. When it says gloss, it provides the much needed shine, not OTT and is definately not sheer. Its pretty light weight on lips...non-sticky, non drying. Its not at all like MAC slimshine
I personally wished they came in more colours....oh, also i forgot to funky smell or taste...
These swatches definately don't do justice...they sure are pretty in person..:)

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