July 30, 2009


Scorching Sun Duo, Firespot, Evening Aura, Rule, Fab-n-Flashy eyeshadows

NARS Fall collection is absolutely gorgeous and its everywhere on the web..and me, i could barely save and pick this Scorching Sun Duo, that is a part of summer collection. I am super excited with this one, because its my first time "buying" a NARS duo....I have used the shadows in past, but "rental"...

Texture of this duo is nice and soft. I didn't find it powdery or chalky. This duo is more wearable than other oranges i have. The sheen on the dark orange is not OTT and the lighter orange is more of a matte colour, though its not a matte texture.


Scorching Sun Duo, Firespot, Evening Aura, Rule, Fab-n-Flashy eyeshadow

Duos are definately expensive. I wish to have a few more. Mediteranee Duo, Misfit, Rated 'R' are on my lemming list. But with Love that Look collection, Rated 'R' has been striked out.

Surabaya and Cordura are other two duos that i always swatch in store but end up telling myself...'dupable'...I know, they are dupable..but at store they all look soo pretty....i can't stop myself from swatching them everytime...Sephora artists must be thinking,...i am jerk, everytime i walk at the counter and leave without picking...:)

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July 27, 2009



I got a chance to check this new collection on Saturday….oh, well, I changed all my plans for Saturday, to check this collection. I was super excited for this collection, simply because last year I had tasted the buttery finish….didn’t wanted to miss any this time…


So, with 8 new shades and 4 repromotes, the collection did had something for everyone…from lovely neutrals, to smokey to lovely vibrant shades it had all…

I was very impressed with the swatches of rated R on beauty blogs, but at store I found Strike a pose really striked!!
Its soo gorgeous….its blue…its teal…its not deep truth…its not deep blue green pigment,…its gorgeous!!!
It sure does belong to the blue-green family, but unlike Blue green pigment which turns Blackish on me..this retained its true pot colour on my lids…

Deep blue green pigment, Talent pool, Deep truth, Strike a pose, Plummage


Plumage, Strike a pose, Deep truth, Deep blue-green pigment

One off is well green…Its again not Wonder grass…not Antique green pigment…its just another green….I have a similar green from Stila Precious pearl palette…but again the crazy MAC addict in me had to pick it….I don’t even know how much I am going to use this green, but I had to have it…Its LE!!
Mildew, One-off, Humid, Wondergrass

Mildew, Humid, Wondergrass, Green Space pigment, spiritualize, Scarab, One-off
Rated R is very similar to Sharp, but with better finish n sheen…its not close to Chartreuse pigment. Rated R has is more of a lime green with prominent yellow in it. People say its close to Bitter, but I don’t have Bitter.

Sharp, Chartreuse pigment, Rated R


Rated R, Sharp, Chartreuse pigment swatches

Fashion groupie was gorgeous…I mean amazingly eye-catching and dead similar to Satellite dreams, that is permanent colour. I wished they had changed the color of fashion groupie a bit….so that I could have convinced myself to buy it..
Other new colors like Unbasic white and Ego were not MY colours..I mean I don’t wear much of pinks and I dunno what exactly to do with a White…I had similar pink and white in Stila precious pearl palatte…that one stila palette was worth every penny!!!

The other two new shades Fashion and Style Snob were nice…but I would admit, I had prepared myself saying they were dupable…but now I think I should have paid more attention to those 2 colours and swatched them….
Btw, my MAC took depotted empties…and I cud B2M for 2 colours out of 3...:)
I dint pick any pearl glides…simply because I am very happy with my UD stuff and UD stuff are permanent…
All I can say....LOVE THAT LOOK........ROCKS!!!!!!
I didn't realise that the fonts I used to label the pictures resembled very similar to my fellow blogger and friend Xinarox, until she pointed out that it looked like her twin blog!!! I thought i will put on this disclaimer, before my supportive followers start pointing this out!!
As i have already marked a few more pictures using same font, you would see few of those in coming days...:)

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This is an old haul. I just remembered about these when i started comparing the green eyeshaodw to the 'new' green eyeshadows from 'Love that look' collection.


Urban Decay eyeshadows are very lovely in texture, well atleast most of them. The best thing is their website mentions if the colour has glitter, is metallic whatever. Pretty neat.
I had the Ammo palette and i wanted to buy full size of the colours that i liked from that. I picked Mildew and last call.
Also as i had picked Half-baked long back, i wanted to try their other 'baked' shadows.
So i picked Baked this time.


Baked is a soft, buttery peachy gold colour. It is very very similar to Cosmic eyeshadow from MAC that was a limited edition from Moonbathe collection.
I had hard time picking colours in picture. They just didn't want to be captured on camera.
Baked has a very very smooth texture and high metallic finish....Gorgeous!!!!



Last call was another colour that was lovely in Ammo palette. So i picked that in full size aswell. Its a pretty colour, inclined towards purple side. Its not like Cranberry in my opinion. I don't have cranberry, but i saw it in store...:)


Mildew was another green that i liked and its not like Humid by MAC. Its just true to its name. MILDEW. I also did some swatches in store comparing the other greens from the Urban decay line, but they some how didn't come well in photographs...




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July 24, 2009


These are lip pencils from NARS, that comes in not so big size and need sharpening. The colours are very beautiful and they double up as matte lipsticks. They are matte, yet not so drying and pretty creamy. The texture is very good for a matte product.

As they need sharpening, lot of product is wasted.


Roman Holiday, Bahama, Walkyrie, Bettina, Sex Machine Lip pencil

Not a cheap product, retails for $24 at NARS cosmetics and Sephora.

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July 21, 2009


These are second set of NARS lipgloss swatches that i managed to swatch at store.

Swatches at once


Stolen kisses, Chantaco and Gothika are very pretty in person. I have pigmented lips so i tend to graviate more towards pigmented colours. Light colours like Turkish delight or Striptease dont't flatter my skintone or liptone.

These look a bit gross because they are gross...i mean, by the time i could get the pictures close to the colour of swatch, they just started to melt and sink in my fine lines.
The colour next to Foul play marked 'X' is actually mixture of two glosses, that i forgot the name...

Sayonara and Scandal are LIP STAIN GLOSSES.
These are very very light and highly pigmented just like paint.

According to NARS website:
Longwearing matte lip color in a revolutionary non-drying formula. The
silicone-based, non-transfer formula glides on smoothly to achieve perfect
looking lips for hours. Enriched with natural moisturizing properties, lips
smooth and hydrated for a velvety feel and a dramatic matte

Striking matte color
Nylon 12 provides silky
Extra longwearing

Pic in another lighting

All these swatches are on NC 40/42 skintone. Lighting plays a great roll in getting true to colour photos, so does the camera. I am no expert in Photography, but i love to clik and would love to hear suggestions from anyone who knows a better way to clik these...
These swatches do give an idea of the colour though...hope all u friends find them useful...:)

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July 19, 2009


I happen to swatch a few lipglosses from NARS during my recent trip to Sephora.
Very pretty!!!
These are less sticky than MAC and they come with a doe-foot applicator, which many people don't like.
Dolce Vita, Female trouble and Chihuahua are gorgeous. Female trouble reminded me of Nymphette lipglass by MAC. It has lovely gold shimmers. The very Turkish delight was not my favorite of the bunch. Orgasm was lovely, but there was all gold shimmer and hardly any colour pay off on lips.

I have noted a few colours and will try to purchase them during some kind of FF sale at sephora or NARS. Almost all the colours are permanent...so no hurries and worries..:)
Available at Sephora (http://www.sephora.com/) and NARS (http://www.narscosmetics.com/)

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July 17, 2009


Smashbox is one brand of cosmetics that come with some amazing kits/value packs. The products individually are expensive, but when part of kit, they are extremely affordable and you get great quality product to try.
I ended up buying a few 'kits' that had full size lipgloss and i am loving it!!!

Surge, Illume, Couture
From the website:
Lip Enhancing Gloss:
What it is:
A sheer, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss.What it does:Drench your lips in luminous color and shine with this ultra-moisturizing formula that keeps lips soft and smooth for hours.
Available in a variety of long-wearing shades and three advanced color formulas for a range of dazzling looks that enhance your lips like never before.
What else you need to know:
Sheer Color:
Full of shiny polymers and pearls with a hint of glistening color for three-dimensional shine. Brush wand flawlessly coats lips.
True Color:
Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil nourish with a touch of creamy color. The velour wand perfectly contours lips.
Full Color:
Saturate lips with brilliant color. Vitamin E moisturizes and the high-pigment shine goes on smooth and lasts for hours. The velour wand ensures color precision and control.
Size: 0.2 oz


I personally find these less sticky than MAC. Usually MAC lipglasses are used by many and it helps to compare the sticky 'ness'. It has a lovely vanilla smell, which is mild and not at all offensive. The shimmery ones (illume) that i have has a brush applicator. The other two have doe-foot applicators and they pick decent amount of colour.
Retails for $18USD

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July 16, 2009


I have been wanting to try these blushes from Cargo and Laura Geller. Finally i got my hands on it. These are soo amazingly lovely.



Laura geller blushes look like Mineralize skin finishes from MAC, but they are not as chunky, powdery as MAC ones. I find them very smooth, less shimmery and not at all powdery/chunky. These come in two sizes. One is the size of MSF and one is the size of MAC mineralize blushes. They are very pigmented and stay all day. Golden apricot as the name suggests is an apricot colour with gold shimmers..duh!!
The problem with 'marbled' kind of blushes is the colour may differ from pack to pack depending upon the presence of 'veinings'
So far so good...worth giving try.

Cargo is definately not new to me. I already have Blu-ray blush and Sunset beach. I love them both and the colour pay off is excellent and they leave a lovely sheen aswell.
This particular blush in ROME is a true coral blush. Very very pigmented. It has to be used with a light hand and with a brush like 187 or any stippling blush. This is a matte finish, well not very dry matte, but no OTT shimmers.
I find it has a corally warmth to it. Lighter skin tone may find it a little too bright, but for skintones ranging anywhere fomr NC30 and above, it should work excellent.


Swatch in different lighting.
These swatches don't do justice at all. Infact they are not exactly same as they were on my hand.
But i tried my best to get true colour.

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I happened to check the COLOUR CRAFT collection last weekend...and boy!!! we talking glitter festival!! I just swatched the first blush and there were these golden shimmers all over my hand, leaving practically no room to swatch other stuff.
I always knew MSF and mineralize stuff in general were not my thing, but still i end up lemming and buying something.
This time though, i was not caught in all the hype surrounding this collection.
The eyeshadows were pretty, but same old problem...Glitter and fall out...i passed them.

I did end up getting few other stuff from store though.


Colour craft collection made me buy ECLECTIC EDGE lipglass. I also liked Miss Marble lipglass, but i thought it was not unique enough and dupable. I couldn't justify paying $3.50 more only for fancy swirls and packaging...well, the packaging is crapy too...we will get into that later..

My Store had Hello Kitty Fun n Games Blush and i picked that one too.

I also picked Silverthorn from the Rose Romance Collection and Buzz Lipglass from Naked Honey collection. I also bought Belightful to gift a friend.

Hello Kitty was all cute fun collection. I never was soo attracted to it, except for this blush and Popster. But i found it similar to Spaced out blush from Neo-sci Fi collection which i have and love, so i thought i might pick when it ever hits CCO...but in store amongst all the loud glitter and shimmer of Colour Craft, i found this one very serene and peaceful...lol!!
I couldn't pass it.

Now, when it comes to select blushes, i trust only and only my friend and fellow blogger XINAROX. She said the best mineralize blushes were from Sonic Chic collection, which i never even bothered to try because they were Mineralize. This time i did picked Gleeful which is seriously gorgeous, bright and very pigmented. It is smooth and no OTT glitter here. I have yet to see how much they accentuate my pores, but the texture is awesome!!


Fun and Games is pretty different from Spaced out. They are definately from same colour family, but FnG is more matte 'ish'...Spaced out has this duochrome kind of shimmer like pink/peach gold...well, its difficult to describe. In a nutshell, FnG is pretty wearable and lovely!!

Eclectic edge's wand

Eclectic edge's packaging

This lipglass has special square packaging, with all swirly colour inside. The downside is it picks practically no product, thanks to the stopper or whatever that white thing is called. This makes the application sheer and uneven.
Eclectic edge swatch
This is my first time buying a "purple/Lavender" lip product. I have been passing all lavenders since lavender whip. I did buy magenta/purple lip stuff, but my first time trying Lavender.
It would work well layered over a lavender lipstick. So i am hunting for lavender whip now.

Buzz from Naked Honey was pretty wearable and i liked it. It is not very dark, black brown. It is copper brown, with slight shimmery pearls. Pretty and wearable.

Comparison swatches

Silverthorn is a Veluxe pearl and i didn't had anything like this in my collection. So it became a part of dear haul aswell. Its a finish that i adore. Its just a silver grey.

This was purchased to gift. Its all chunky glitter. Not for me.

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