June 26, 2009

KAT VON D and make-up...


This is one artist I am a fan of. I like the way she has these lovely "art" all over her body. The only thing that freaks me out is those arts are not paint...they are needles!!! I am personally not a tattoo person (i am scared)...though i like to see them on others if tastefully done.
She has a very distinct, bold style of make-up and she does manages to carry them with great confidence.
Sephora carries her make-up line and they do include many cool products. The eyeshadow palettes always catch my eyes, i end up swatching them, but never buying them. I mean I am always over-loaded with burden of saving money for my favourite brands (MAC, NARS, UD) that i hardly have any money left for 'trying' products...
With my swatches, i could say these eye shadows are very pigmented, bold and dark. Less is more in this case. I think it should be used sparingly, with light hands and well, perfect blending, or else they will end in one huge big mess...
The lipsticks are nicely pigmented too. If you are a fan of dark, bold lips..you sure are bound to find a shade for yourself...:)

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Ludwig
True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Beethovan

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Gypsy
Has anybody tried these palettes? Please let me know what you think and what are your experiances with these palettes.
These retail for $34 USD at Sephora stores and Sephora online.

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Laura Geller and Cargo lemmings!!

I was 'roaming' around at Sephora and these Laura geller products caught my eyes. I swatches their blush-n-brighten stuff..and boy!! they are soo soft and pigmented. Golden Apricot was a colour that i kinda liked because it was this corally colour, with hint of gold...if i am describing it correctly. Also i liked how is sounded sexy..golden apricot...:)

Also i happened to swatch Cargo Blush in ROME, a shade suggested to me by my dear friend, who is kinda my advisor when it comes to choose blushes for my complexion...(read MAC NC 40 with yellow/olive undertones).
Its a really pretty matte shade. These two are definately on my purchase list soon...very very soon!!!

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June 23, 2009


As if the continous churning of MAC collections was not enough...this huge sale...SUMO sale (i liked the name) came to drain my wallet.
I find sales good opportunity to stock up on staples and also trying out products that we kinda want to try but not willing to pay full price...eeeks????
The surprising part though is i could get my 2 MAC boxes delivered and one box (last order that i ordered on last day..tongue twister...:)) didn't make it to my place...May be i will be getting that one in next few days...



I stocked up some quads and empty palettes. With soo many new collections coming, i know i am going to need these. I had brush cleanser, but then its the only stuff I use to clean brushes, so yeah..picked that too.


224 brush is a "must have" if you love blending your eye shadows...and who doesn't loves to blend...:)
I personally like plushlash mascara and i had also tried the sample size of zoomlash too. So this was the right time to pick a full size one.

This is cool. I didn't wanted to pick anything from Rose romance collection. Then i went ahead and picked gel blush and later realised i need Magnetique lip glass and Silverthorn eyeshadow too. Finally i gave in and oredered those. Silverthorn is yet to reach me..:(
From the Naked Honey collection i wanted to pick Highlight powder but my dear friend said it was no where near to highlight powder...its was just a powder...such a bummer!!! I was kinda waiting for this one. I ended up buying Queen bee lipglass and Creme de meil eyeshadow.
The eyeshadow reminds me of Rice paper eyeshadow, which i adore...and this one was Veluxe Pearl too...so lovely colour combined with lovely finish....BONUS!!!!
I also picked Trace gold blush which is a lovely and imparts a golden glow, which suits my Olive undertone complexion to the 'T'


Both these lipglass are pretty different in real life. They are nice enough to own both..:)
I am awaiting my last box to be delivered...will update the goodies soon..:)
BTW, if you notice some nice "professional" touch to my pictures with all the labels and watermark.....its simply because i got photoshop software and i am learning to use it...:)

June 12, 2009



Groom brows using Clear Brow Set. Highlight browbone using Crystal Avalanche Eye Shadow with a 224 Blending Brush. Apply Seedy Pearl Eye Shadow to the centre of the lid with a 275 Angled Brush. For an intense application of colour blend Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams Eye Shadows on the inner and outer portions of the eye using a 252 Shader Brush. Draw a thin line to the upper lashline with Blacktrack Fluidline and a 209 Eyeliner Brush. Using a 228 Shader Brush line the lower lashline with Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams Eye Shadows. Apply a generous coat of Zoomblack Zoom Lash on both the upper and lower lashes.
Emphasize the cheek contour with a dusting of Harmony Powder Blush with a 116 Blush Brush.
Create a soft edge around the mouth with Creamola Cremestick Liner. Use Bare Slimshine to fill in lip colour with 318 Lip Brush, and Viva Glam VI Special Edition Lipglass for a glossy effect

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