May 26, 2009


Long weekend i had some guests staying over at my place. We went out for a nice day out and then another day at a mall...Obvioulsy, no holiday is complete with shopping.
My favourite place...well, guessed right....MAC!!!



This mall had free MAC standing store and a really big one. But the sales persons and MUA were really annoying and pretty rude. They were not in mood to entertain clients or shell out samples. Well, this did made me mad, but then i had to buy well....


I picked Nymphette lipglass. Its kind of plumy colour with lots and lots of gold shimmers. Pretty..i wanted to try this one, but never picked. This time i thought, why not??


Bronze eyeshadow which i never picked because i was under impression that it looked similar to mulch and romp eyeshadows. But its soo different and very beautiful. I guess every MAC addict should own this colour.
Star violet is another colour that i never picked because i thought it was dupable with cranberry and other shades. Its not a unique colour, but definately different enough to own one.


I also picked 2 paint pots in gold colours.
Rubensque is a peachy gold colour like Melon pigment and Indianwood is a bronzey gold colour. Its very pretty on its own. Layered under any gold coloured eyeshadow, OMG....Gorgeous!!!


I think if a person loves to wear lots of gold, bronzey or warm shades, these paint pots are must.
They enhance the eyeshadow as well as make them 'pop'. Also helps to make the eyeshadow stay longer and not crease.


The very famous blending brush is 224, but i find it a bit large for my small eyes. So i picked 222 brush instead and its super soft, white bristled and amazing brush.


This new gel blush was something that i wanted to try. Infact i had hardly tried any gel or cream blushes. I don't have anything like this. Though it looks soo dark and bright red, in person its very sheer when buffed and layered. Its very light on cheeks and gives this natural blush from within. It can be layered under any blush to make it last longer.


This gel blush can double up as cheek stain aswell. Multi-purpose products rock!!!


I admit i was not impressed with any Hello Kitty stuff. Then i managed to get Pink Fish Lip conditioner. But this other colour in Popster looked pretty, pretty coral. My kinda stuff. I find warm shades compliment my skin tone best. I thought of giving Popster a try, before if flies of the shelves...

I also picked a Matte2 eyeshadow in shade Typographic. Its just a regular smokey black colour and formula is comparitively easy to work with.
I needed an empty quad and a new pro-pan aswell. So i got that too.

Over all an amazing trip, minus the annoying MAC staff....:)

May 20, 2009

Essence of Beauty crease brush duo




The Essence of Beauty crease brushes are one AMAZING drug store find.

Brand: Essence of Beauty
Product: Crease brush
Packaging: A clear, transparent zipper pouch with two different brushes for 2 different purposes.
Price: Affordable at a little over $5
Where to find: CVS
What it does:
There are 2 brushes. Both are crease brushes. These are used to put eye shadow in your crease area. They are soft enough, not to hurt your eye and stiff enough to pick product and place them rightly.
The other brush is a tiny bit finer and pointy. It can be used to place eyeshadow at lower lash line and to soften harsh eyeliner.

Comparisons: The shape is pretty much similar to the MAC 219 pencil brush, but the 219 is more stiff. I think both of these brushes even though look similar have very very different uses.
There are similar kinds of brushes available online, but at this is affordable and readily available!!!

Personally, i think its one great brush duo to own in makeup stash...:)

May 19, 2009

Haulage is Knowledge - MAC Style Warrior


The black box is are my goodies!!!!
I am pretty impressed with the colours i picked. The packaging is to die for. Honestly, i am liking the cardboard boxes more than the actual products!!



I opted for 2 lipsticks, Purple rite and Brave new bronze.
Purple rite as the name suggests is a frosty, purple eggplant kind of colour, and its a frost finish.
Brave new Bronze is nothing like the name. I don't see anything brave, OTT bronze colour. Contrary to its name its a lovely lovely pinky, nude colour and is a satin finish. Being satin, its going to have a decent colour pay off.

The eyeshadows i picked are Vibrant grape and Bright Future.
Vibrant grape is a true purple colour in satin finish. Though its not exactly like MUFE 92 numbered purple,but its pretty decent to own one. Its also a pro-colour.
Bright future is a vibrant, golden yellow colour. Its a Veluxe pearl finish. MAC has a pro-colour by the named Bright Sunshine. Its pretty similar to this shade, though not exact dupe. This is a VP finish, so i guess it will be more easy to work with this colour. I didn't have anything like this in my stash.


Overall a lovely, warm collection. If you love bright colours, these eyeshadows are worth giving a look...:)

May 18, 2009



EYES: Groom brows by applying Clear Brow Set. Highlight browbone with Bright Future Eye Shadow and a 275 Small Angled Brush. With a 275 Small Angled Brush apply Bright Future Eye Shadow to the lid.Add depth to the crease of the eye by using Bright Future Eye Shadow and a 275 Small Angled Brush. With a heavy hand use a 219 Pencil Brush and Blacktrack Fluidline to line the lower lashline. Apply a light coat of Plushblack Plush Lash to lashes.

CHEEKS: Blend Eversun Beauty Powder Blush over the apple of cheeks using a 116 Blush Brush.

LIPS: Define lips with Nightmoth Lip Pencil and follow through by using 316 Lip Brush to shade Lipstick in Tribalist. Finish with a glossy coat of Style Warrior Lipglass


EYES: Lightly groom brows by applying Fling Eye Brows. Add a touch of highlight to the browbone with White Frost Eye Shadow and a 275 Small Angled Brush. Apply Bright Future Eye Shadow to the inner portion of the lid using a 272 Small Shader Brush. Use 224 Tapered Blending Brush to shade the inner portion of the crease with Bright Future Eye Shadow. Draw a thin line through the upper lashline with Blacktrack Fluidline using a 219 Pencil Brush. With a 228 Mini Shader Brush line the outer lower lashline using Bright Future Eye Shadow. Coat top lashes with Zoomblack Zoom Lash.

CHEEKS: Emphasize the cheek contour with a dusting of On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush with 116 Blush Brush.

LIPS: Line lips with Pink Treat Cremestick Liner. Fill in using Purple Rite Lipstick and a 316 Lip Brush. Complete the look with Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass


EYES: Define and groom brows with Fling Eye Brows and Clear Brow Set. Use 275 Small Angled Brush to blend Bright Future Eye Shadow under brows for a soft highlight. Blend Bright Future and Vibrant Grape Eye Shadows to the outer corner of the lid using a 213 Fluff Brush. Add depth to the crease of the eye by using Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow and a 213 Fluff Brush. With a 228 Mini Shader Brush line the whole lower lashline using Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow. Prep lashes with Prep + Prime Lash followed by Coal Black Pro Lash.

CHEEKS: Colour cheeks with Eversun Beauty Powder Blush.

LIPS: Line the outer lips with Summerfruit Cremestick Liner. Fill in with Brave New Bronze Lipstick using a 316 Lip Brush. Top off look with Gold Rebel Lipglass.


EYES: Tidy up brows using Girl Boy Brow Set. Pat Scatterrays with a 239 Eye Shading Brush to lid. Blend Bronzescape Solar Bits followed by Tempting Eye Shadow using a 224 Tapered Blending Brush to the crease of the eye. Line the upper lashline using Blacktrack Fluidline and a 210 Eye Liner Brush.Using a 219 Pencil Brush line the lower lashline with Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow. Prep lashes with Prep+ Prime Lash followed by several coats of Coal Black Pro Lash.

CHEEKS: Give a slight contour to the cheeks by sweeping Eversun Beauty Powder Blush under cheekbones.

LIPS: Provide balance to the lips with Subculture Lip Pencil. Complete the look by using 316 Lip Brush to apply Sunsational Lipstick and a final application of Liberated Lipglass.


EYES: Keep brows natural with a light definition of Fling and Lingering Eye Brows. Use a 239 Eye Shading Brush to blend Bronzescape Solar Bits through the inner and outer eyelid. Continue to shade through the inner and outer corners of the crease of the eye with Soft Force Eye Shadow using a 239 Eye Shading Brush. Line the lower lashline with Bronzescape Solar Bits and a 228 Mini Shader Brush. Amp lashes with Coal Black Pro Lash.

CHEEKS: Apply On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush with a 116 Blush Brush, blending evenly across cheekbones and temples.

LIPS: Use Plum Lip Pencil to fill in lips. Layer on Tribalist Lipstick using a 316 Lip Brush and Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass.


EYES:Darken brows using Lingering Eye Brows. Use 194 Concealer Brush and Hush Cream Colour Base all over the eyelid, and then set with Vibrant Grape Eye Shadow on the inner and outer lid only with 242 Shader Brush. Create more definition to the crease with Night Manoeuvres Eye Shadow applying to the inner and outer portion using a 217 Blending Brush. Apply a thin line of Rapid Black Penultimate Eye Liner to the upper lashline. Blend Night Manoeuvres Eye Shadow using a 219 Pencil Brush to the lower lashline followed by Prunella Eye Kohl and a 231 Small Shader Brush. Layer on multiple coats of Zoomblack Zoom Lash.

CHEEKS: Use 168 Large Angled Contour Brush to give a soft contour to cheeks with a light dusting of On A Mission Beauty Powder.

LIPS: Add a slight fullness to lips with Subculture Lip Pencil. Finish with Liberated Lipglass for a glossy effect


EYES: Keep brows natural with Lingering Eye Brows. Pat browbone with Bare Study Paint Pot and a 212 Flat Definer Brush. With a 239 Shading Brush apply Soft Force Eye Shadow to the inner and centre of the lid. Add more depth to the crease with Scatterrays and Impassioned Solar Bits in the outer portion with a 224 Tapered Blending Brush. Line the upper lashline with Ebony Eye Pencil and a 210 Eye Liner Brush. Using a 228 Mini Shader Brush to line the inner and centre lower lashline with Soft Force Eye Shadow. Slather several coats to the upper and lower lashes with Black X Mascara X.

CHEEKS: Apply a dusting of On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush to the cheeks using a 129 Blush Brush.

LIPS: Start by lining the lips with Creme Sherry Cremestick Liner. Fill in lips using Brave New Bronze Lipstick and top off with Clear Lipglass.


EYES: Groom brows with Girl Boy Brow Set. Highlight browbone using a 242 Shader Brush with Scatterrays and Impassioned Solar Bits.Use 213 Fluff Brush blending Tempting Eye Shadow to the inner and outer lid of the eye. Create definition to the eye by applying Night Manoeuvres Eye Shadow to the inner and outer portion of the crease with a 224 Tapered Blending Brush. Line upper lashline with Point Black Liquidlast Liner and a 209 Eyeliner Brush. Using a 228 Mini Shader Brush line the lower lashline with Teddy Eye Kohl. Coat lashes with Black X Mascara.

CHEEKS: Colour cheeks with On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush using a 168 Large Angled Contour Brush.

LIPS: Line lips with Creme Sherry Cremestick Liner. Complete the look by using Brush 316 to apply Brave New Bronze Lipstick and a final application of Style Warrior Lipglass.

May 12, 2009

Haulage is knowledge...CCO junkie...


I am a hard core CCO junkie and needless to say, I searched the one nearest to my home...
I must admit I was feeling depressed leaving behind my beautiful home...but my dear hubby took me to CCO...(well, he knows...buying MAC will make me happy and cheerful)
So, this CCO is freakin AMAZING!!!
It had soo much was another MAC store, with reduced prices and tons of LE stuff.


First was the famous lipgloss in Sock Hop from Heatherette collection. Well, i found it..but the sales lady gave me the wrong one. She gave me Bonus Beat instead. Its a beige nude colour with fine gold shimmers. Verry pretty...just not my first love.


I could find the lovely Other wordly blush from Moonbathe collection. This is a lovely, bronzey golden color. It makes a perfect highlight. As its very metallic, you just have to be careful with the application. I had been hunting this one like crazy, since the day my dear friend and makeup guru on You Tube suggested me.
Obvioulsy i bought two!!!


Then in line was an eye shadow from Neo-sci-fi collection. Magnetic fields. Its a dark brown colour with pinkish hue to it. It goes beautifully with expensive pink eyeshadow from the same collection. This eyeshadow almost completed my Neo-sci-fi collection, that i had missed last year.

I managed to grab my back up of Soft and Slow lipglass. This time in Neo-sci-Fi packaging. I also picked 'Electro' lipstick. Its a bright bright orange, but is a lustre. On lips its not as dark as it appears. Its a beautiful shade and with Pink grapefruit lipglass on top, its an amazing combination.


I also picked a MSF in Redhead. Yeah, i got it at CCO...thats why i always say...why hurry with new collection...have patience to get it from saved me around 9 bucks!!!
Its a beautiful colour and i would use it more as a highlighter. MSFs and I don't have a great love relationship...but we are trying to work with each other. This is pretty soft, fine in texture. No chunky, glittery business here. It gives a soft peachy touch to cheeks.

There were tons of other stuff that i wanted to pick, but i really wanted to save for the Style warrior has some colours that i am positive will never make it to the CCO and i don't want to take that RISK...


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