April 30, 2009



Spontaneous, Fifth Avenue, For Audrey

Black diamond, Avalanche, Up All Night

I finally made it on the very last week of sale by Sally beauty supply. They had this "buy 2 get 1 free" nail polishes. It included almost all the nail polish brands they carry and it was mix n match..

I grabbed a few colours...well famous colours.
Personally i like nail polishes that are "cream" like with no shimmers. But it can look easily different n shabby on each nail if the color is not evenly applied. This is definately not the case with shimmery nail stuff, as it can give false illusion of perfect nails due to its ability to reflect light...Does this make any sense at all???

Anywho, the haul...
I picked these three dark colours...black, grey and navy....My mom would never wear these...never never!!!...Its a colour that usually "witches" wear in fairy tales...lol!!!!
The other three colours are pretty too. My favourite of the whole lot is Spontaneous shade.
I have always been a fan of mauvy/purple shades.
China glaze nail polishes are amazing. No chipping, no cracking...Amost half the price of OPI it surely is a great competition with the brand...and they have a huge rainbow of colours aswell!!

Worth every penny and this was a great deal too...

April 29, 2009

7 in 7 KIT- CARGO

This is one freakin amazing deal!!!
7 items in a kit. I personally have tried many of CARGO products and i must admit they are really amazing!! Especially their blushes. This particular kit is targeted for light to medium complexion, which is kind of bummer, because at such amazing deals i was hoping for some more kits for other complexions as well.
I hope they may release other versions/kits for other complexions soon...

This set contains:-
OneBase™ (02)-
Essential Palette (Warm Neutral)
Eye Pencil (Brown)
BeachBlush™ (Sunset Beach) [BEST PART OF THE KIT]
Reverse Lip Liner (01)
Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology (Tobago)

The kit contains full size products at a retail price of US $59, which makes it a seriously good deal.
Available at Sephora.com

April 24, 2009



Use 208 Brow Brush to define and elongate brows with Carbon Eye Shadow. For this delicate but dramatic effect, draw a line above the actual brow at the thicker start of the brows. Then meet the actual brow at the natural arch, while keeping the line as straight and thin as possible towards the end. Dust Mutiny Pigment on the eyelid with 224 Blending Brush with Eye Shadow Of Summer shaded through the outer corner. Switch to 217 Blending Brush and continue to blend Of Summer Eye Shadow through the contour of the crease, focusing the concentration of colour through the middle of the eyelid. Apply a light wash of Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow under the brow for a soft highlight. Use 219 Pencil Brush to blend a smoky line of colour through the lower lashes with Of Summer Eye Shadow, and follow up by using Fascinating Eye Kohl through the waterline to open and brighten eyes. For soft lashes, apply a light coat of Splashproof Mascara in Blacksplash to both upper and lower lashes.

CHEEKS: Create a natural flush on the cheeks by using 252 Shader Brush to stipple and blend Just A Pinch Gel Blush on the upper cheekbones.

LIPS: Moisturize and improve lip texture with Prep + Prime Lip before blending Lipsticks in Odyssey and A Rose Romance with 318 Lip Brush. Finish with a light layer of Virgin Kiss Lipglass.


Use 266 Angle Brush to create a bit of fullness to brows with Espresso Eye Shadow. Use 239 Shading Brush to apply both Mutiny Pigment through the centre of the eyelid and shade Circa Plum Pigment through the outer corner. Follow up by creating a precise highlight on the inner corner of the eyelid by using 228 Shader Brush with Vellum Eye Shadow. Blend of soft contour through the outer crease with 217 Blending Brush and Of Summer Eye Shadow. Continue with Of Summer Eye Shadow to shade through the lower lashes for a subtle liner effect. Use Prunella Eye Kohl through the upper lashline to create an intensity of colour through the lashes. Use 217 Blending Brush to highlight under brows with Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow. Apply Blacksplash Splashproof Lash to both upper and lower lashes to finish eyes

Create a soft glow on cheeks by blending Just A Pinch Gel Blush with 252 Shader Brush.

LIPS: Use Prep + Prime Lip to hydrate and improve lip texture. Apply Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Colour and follow up with a light layer of Steal My Heart Lipglass to complete the look.


Define and groom brows with Carbon Eye Shadow using a 208 Brow Brush and Clear Brow SetApply Bare Study Paint Pot to the eyelid and set with Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow with 239 Shading Brush. Blend Silverthorn Eye Shadow and Mutiny Pigment to the crease of the eye. Continue to shade through the inner corner of the crease by blending Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow and Circa Plum Pigment to the outer corner. Line the upper lashline with Purple Dash Technakohl Liner and a 212 Flat Brush. Use 212 Flat Brush to blend both Fascinating Eye Kohl and Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow through the lower lashes to create an intense, full impact eye lining effect. Finish with a pair of 33 Lash and a dramatic dose of Black X Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

CHEEKS: Keep blush simple and sophisticated with a light dusting of Summer Rose Beauty Powder under the cheekbones with 116 Blush Brush.

LIPS: Softly define lips with Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner. Create a soft mouth with Way to Love Lipstick and a coating of Virgin Kiss Lipglass.


Keep brows natural with a light definition using Texture and Embark Eye Shadows. Highlight browbone using a 242 Shader Brush with Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow. Apply Et Tu Bouquet? and Goldmine Eye Shadows to the centre of the lid. Create a soft warm contour by blending Cranberry Eye Shadow and Circa Plum Pigment to the outer crease of the eye using a 217 Blending Brush. Define the upper lashline with Circa Plum Pigment. Coat lashes with Plushblack Plush Lash.

CHEEKS: Colour Cheeks by Summer Rose Beauty Powder using a 168 Angled Contour Brush.

LIPS: Finish the look with lining the lips with Nightmoth Lip Pencil, and then apply Tender Tryst See Thru Lip Colour followed by Odyssey Lipstick and blend with a glossy Magnetique Lipglass.


Lightly groom brows with Strut Eye Brows. Pat Pearl Cream Colour Base to the browbone with a 252 Shader Brush. Blend Pearl Cream Colour Base and Crystal Avalanche Eye Shadow for a soft, sheer base. Apply Delft Paint Pot to the crease of the eye followed by Silverthorn Eye Shadow to the outer portion of the crease. Create a fine line through the upper lashes with Industry Powerpoint Eye Pencil. Lightly shade the centre and outer, lower lashline with Mutiny Pigment. Apply 20 and 36 Lashes to the lashes followed by Zoomblack Zoom Lash.

CHEEKS: Contour cheekbones with Hush Cream Colour Base using a 187 Fibre Brush.

LIPS: Line lips with Plum Royale Cremestick Pearl Liner. Fill in with A Rose Romance and Way to Love Lipsticks. Top it off with Virgin Kiss Lipglass


Use 208 Brow Brush to define brows with Cork Eye Shadow. Highlight browbone with Vanilla Eye Shadow. Blend Et Tu Bouquet? through the inner lid, while emphasizing the outer lid with Dazzlelight. Continue to shade through the inner crease by blending Summer Eye Shadow. Line the upper lashline with Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner. Using a 212 Flat Brush, line the inner and outer corners of the lower lashline with Mutiny Pigment and Of Summer Eye Shadow. Create the look of false eyelashes by applying a generous coat of Blacksplash Splashproof Lash.

Dust the cheeks with Summer Rose Beauty Powder and a 168 Angled Contour Brush.

LIPS: Softly define lips with Creamola Cremestick Liner. Create a soft mouth with Way to Love Lipstick and a dazzling coat of Virgin Kiss Lipglass.


Shade in brows using a 208 Brush with Lingering Eye Brows and Omega Eye Shadow. Pat browbone with Painterly Paint Pot using a 239 Shading Brush. Apply Painterly Paint Pot to the lid followed by Vellum Eye Shadow. Add depth to the crease of the eye with Mutiny Pigment to the inner and outer portion. Create a fine line with Fascinating Eye Kohl and a 219 Pencil Brush. Define the lower lashline by applying Of Summer Eye Shadow. Apply 20 and 33 Lashes followed by a coat of Blacksplash Splashproof Lash.

CHEEKS: Pat on the apple of the cheeks Just A Pinch Gel Blush with a 109 Brush.

LIPS: Provide balance to the lips with Dervish Lip Pencil. Complete the look with A Rose Romance Lipstick and a final application of Secret Crush See Thru Lip Colour.


Warm up brows with Lingering Eye Brows and a 209 Brow Brush. Use 252 Shader Brush to highlight under the brows with Vapour Eye Shadow. Apply Et Tu Bouquet? Eye Shadow using a 217 Brush. With Brush 224, shade in the inner crease using Sketch and Of Summer Eye Shadows. Draw a clean a precise line above the lashline with a 266 Angle Brush and Blacktrack Fluidline. Use 266 Angle Brush to shade through the lower lashes with Of Summer Eye Shadow. Apply 36 Lash and use a generous amount of Plushblack Plush Lash to the lashes.

Blend Summer Rose Beauty Powder over the apples of the cheeks and finish by highlighting the tops of the cheekbones with Golden Bronze with Brush 129.

LIPS: Define lips with Naked Rose Cremestick Liner, and follow through by using Brush 209 to shade lipstick in A Rose Romance. Finish with a glossy coat of Steal My Heart Lipglass

These are lovely ROSE ROMANCE face charts. I like the last one, minus all those rose paintings!!!
Its no brainer on my part. I just copy pasted these lovely amazing looks from

create n have fun!!!!

April 11, 2009


WordArt by Kate Hadfield


April 9, 2009


Sleek packaging

Rainbow of colours

After months of lemming over this palette, i finally gave in and purchased it.
Its soo sleek and lovely. The colours are wearable, soft and pigmented. They blend super easily.
This is my first Stila palette and i must say i am not disappointed.

The Sephora site description:

What it is:
An opulent shadow palette featuring six iridescent eyeshadow shades—all infused with genuine crushed pearl.

What it does:
Stila The Precious Pearl Palette features six new silky smooth eyeshadow shades that are infused with genuine crushed pearl. A natural wonder, pearl minimizes the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin with a youthful, radiant glow. It also contains minerals and proteins which nourish the skin leaving it smooth and soft. These six must-have eyeshadow shades, that can be worn alone or together, create an endless number of brilliant looks. They are tucked inside a vintage-inspired compact with real mother-of-pearl detail.

This set contains:-
White Gold (soft creamy white with gold shimmer)
Soft Pink (light pink with pink and white shimmer)
Mid-tone Pink (neutral warm pink with pink shimmer)
Deep Blue (dark blackish navy with blue shimmer)
Green (intense mermaid green with blue and green shimmer)
Gold (deep gold with yellow and gold shimmer)

check the site or some cool swatches:

Decent buy!!!

April 5, 2009


I checked this new collection by MAC called COLOUR READY.
The main emphasis of this collection was on their prep and prime line of products, that makes skin ready to put on colour aka makeup.
I wanted to try this primer called Prep+Prime line filler.

The site description says:
"A primer used post-foundation, pre-makeup to camouflage, soften and relax expression lines and wrinkles. Applies as a dense cream: dries to a transparent, smooth, natural matte finish. With ongoing use, clinically proven to help rejuvenate your look."

I picked this ASAP with hopes that it will help me smoothen out the under eye fine lines that i have genetically inherited. I find it pretty smooth and soft in store when i swatched on my hand. Also the lines on my hand appeared less noticeable. I think this will work.
Will review this after using it for a week.

This retails for US $19.50 for 15 ML / 0.5 US FL OZ and comes in a small, black tube.
Pretty expensive in my opinion....:(

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