January 31, 2009

Haulage is Knowledge...CCO!!!!


Blush in True Romantic

True Romantic

Lollipop loving Lipstick

PIGMENTS: Gold Mode, Gold Stroke, Circa Plum

Love CCO...Love MAC...Love Hauling!!!!
Its funny, how makeup and shopping addiction can be...i mean, its freakin cold here...almost arctic temperatures at the place i live...
The newspapers say "dangerously cold, cold enough to freeze human flesh"...and i had already started feeling "something missing" because of not being able to go to CCO....So today as the temperatures were decent...i took the opportunity n rushed to my local CCO...

Unfortunately, nothing much caught my interest...though i still managed to pick a few stuff...

Beauty powder blush in True romantic
Heatherette Lipstick in lollipop loving (super pretty!!)
Pigments in Gold stroke, Gold mode and Circa plum (my new found LOVE- PIGMENT)

OMG...these are freakin amazing!!!!

January 30, 2009


Swatches of various eyeshadow from the night series

I have always been lemming over NARS single eyeshadow. Especially the NIGHT SERIES. Its kinda become a bad habit…I go to sephora, swatch the night series eyeshadows and then come back home….empty handed!!! Then I start doing my little ‘research’ on internet, blogs…read reviews on makeup alley…blah..blah..blah…
I always found contrasting reviews for the night series eye shadow. Some love it to death, some hate it from the bottom of their heart.kFor some it their best investment and some call it “waste of money”.
Now, knowing the NARS steep prices, its kinda difficult to just buy them for the sake of trying…I mean what if I don’t like it?? Though Sephora has great return policies, but personally I don’t like returning makeup…or rather I feel I should have reason strong enough to return a product…like allergy or something…but not just because I don’t like the color…anywho, back to night series…
The one line that always confuses me and stops me from buying these night series babies are “they all look black”…now I always wonder what am I going to do with soo many “black” eyeshadows??

Currently there are 11 eyeshadows in Night series.

Night Breed - Black with Silver glitter
Night Porter - Black with Green pearls
Night Clubbing - Black with gold pearls
Night Flight - Black with cobalt blue pearls
Night Fever - Black with reddish purple pearls
Night Snowy - White with super chunky white glitter
Night Fairy - Violet with gold pearls
Night Star - Peach with gold pearls
Night Rider - lilac/plum with silver pearls
Night Sun - Bright marigold with gold particles
Night Life - Silver with silver particles

Recently I stumbled upon this blog and it had some nice swatches and good description as how to use these eye shadows to get maximum true colour as in the pot.

Hope you find these helpful…and if you have tried any of these eye shadows please let me know
your opinions/suggestions in comments. Special thanks to cosmetic candy for the swatches.

pic courtesy: http://www.cosmetic-candy.com/

January 27, 2009

Removing the makeup

Neutrogena Oil-free eye makeup

Its very very very important to remove makeup before retiring to bed. I can't stress much the importance of this ritual. Makeup products have tons of chemicals in them and its very necessary to remove every trace of it, before applying new coats.
At times i get lazy at night to remove my makeup, especially eye makeup. Eyeliners, macaras, eyeshadow...wooops!!! it can't get worst...

I use Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. At times i also use Johnson's baby oil. The Neutrogena thing is oil free, but then if kept still something separates....i mean like water and oil...i have to shake it gently before using. Now if this is not oil, i mean if its oil free then why is it immiscible?? what is that "thing"....anywho, i use a Kandoo wipe, some Q-tips and makeup remover to clean the eye makeup. There is a little tugging involved to remove the stubborn eyeliners.....I then follow up washing my face with a neutrogena cleanser. Now this thing smells YUCK!! I hate it...i won't be buying this ever again. The remover is a decent one, though not the best.
I like MAC wipes the best...but seriously, i cannot afford it everyday. I usually carry wipes when i am on go...or when carrying my cleaner stash becomes bit difficult...i wish MAC wipes were a bit cheaper or i could afford it more frequently....:)
Have heard good things about Lancome Bi-Facil makeup remover. Will give it a try once i finish using this current one.

As of now i am liking it for most part....:)

January 25, 2009

Ultimate ULTA

FEKKAI glossing cream (This stuff is cool)



Pretty colors (My pic is crap)

ULTA always has great deals. Only i wish they stocked up NARS, MUFE and many such brands at their stores. Anywho, my recent visit to ULTA was pretty fulfilling one as the MUA were very helpful. I have heard MUAs at ULTA are not very helpful, and are annoying...personally, i never had any bad experiances, though i find ULTA people don't always flock around me and are a little lazy in their attitide...if that makes any sense????
So my tiny haul.

1. Urban decay AMMO eyeshadow palatte. It came with a full size UD primer potion which i love and was only $39...good deal!!! i did get some 20% discount aswell.

2. Fekkai hair glossing cream. I bought the trial size. I tell you, this stuff is amazing!!! It provides a lovely sheen to my hair. Worth giving it a try!!!

I was eyeing on this palatte since long time. Finally i picked it. Looks promising and pigmented!!!! I will do a review when i have used it enough to do a review...lol!!!

January 17, 2009



Shade brows with Show off Brow Set using a 204 Brush. Highlight browbone with Femme Fi Eye Shadow and a 252 Brush. With a 219 Brush apply Smolder Eye Kohl to the lid; blend over with Deep Shade Eye Shadow using a 252 Brush. Add depth to the crease of the eye by using Deep Shade followed by Henna Eye Shadows and a 224 Brush. Line the whole upper lashline with Smolder Eye Kohl and a 226 Brush. Line the lower lashline using Deep Shade Eye Shadow with a 219 Brush. Coat top lashes with Zoomblack Zoom Lash and add 7 Lash.

To highlight the cheekbones, sweep Sunbasque Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush using a 168 Brush.

Line lips with Subculture Lip Pencil and a 311 Brush. Fill in using What A Do! Lipstick and a 316 Brush. Complete the look with Soft Wave Lipglass.


Groom brows with Show Off Brow Set. Add a touch of highlight to the browbone with Femme Fi Eye Shadow and a 227 Brush. Apply Classic Cream Liquidlast Liner on the lid using a 219 Brush. Using a 242 Brush, blend Femme Fi Eye Shadow to the entire portion of the lid. Create more definition to the crease by blending French Cuff to the centre and Henna and Deep Shade Eye Shadows to the inner portion, all using a 217 Brush. Line the upper lashline with Smolder Eye Kohl and a 266 Brush. With a 219 Brush, line the whole lower lashline using Deep Shade Eye Shadow. Coat top and bottom lashes with Zoomblack Zoom Lash. Apply 3 Lash to the top lashes.

Colour cheeks with Sunbasque Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush using a 129 Brush.

Use Currant Lip Pencil to fill the lips. Layer on What A Do! Using a 311 Brush and Quick Tease Lipglass


Groom brows with Clear Brow Set. Highlight browbone with Femme Fi Eye Shadow using a 224 Brush. Apply Pincurl to the centre of the eyelid, followed by Knight Eye Shadow on the inner portion and Top Knot on the outer portion of the lids with a 217 Brush. Create more definition in the crease with Knight and Top Knot Eye Shadows and a 275 Brush. Line the entire upper lashline with Phone Number Eye Kohl using a 214 Brush. With a 209 Brush, line the lower lashline using Top Knot Eye Shadow. Slather on several coats of Zoomblack Zoom Lash.

Apply a dusting of Mocha Powder Blush to the cheeks using a 168 Brush.

Line the outer rim of mouth with Whirl Lip Pencil. Fill in with B-Babe Lipstick and a 316 Brush. Dab on Peroxide Lipglass.


Tidy up brows using Girl Boy Brow Set and a 226 Brush. Add a touch of highlight to the browbone with Flip Eye Shadow and a 252 Brush. Apply a thin line of Teddy Eye Kohl using a 219 Brush to the lid. Using a 252 Brush, apply 100 Strokes Eye Shadow to the entire lid. Add depth to the crease of the eye by using French Cuff Eye Shadow and a 224 Brush. Line the upper and lower lashline with Teddy Eye Kohl and 100 Strokes Eye Shadows using a 214 Brush. Prep lashes with Prep + Prime Lash using a 205 Brush followed by a coat of Zoomblack Zoom Lash. For a more dramatic look, apply 7 and 20 Lash to the top lashes.

Dust on Buff Powder Blush and Belightful Iridescent Powder/Pressed with a 168 Brush.

Line lips with Dervish Lip Pencil and fill in with Blow Dry Lipstick using a 318 Brush. Top it all off with Live and Dye Lipglass.


Shade in brows with Cork Eye Shadow and Clear Brow Finisher using a 266 Brush. Highlight browbone by sweeping Pincurl Eye Shadow right under the brow with a 252 Brush. Apply a thin line of Phone Number Eye Kohl using a 242 Brush to the upper lid. Blend Top Knot Eye Shadow to the lids with a 252 Brush. Create more definition in the crease by using Knight and Pincurl Eye Shadow and a 224 Brush for application. Line the upper lashline with Phone Number Eye Kohl using a 219 Brush, followed by Top Knot Eye Shadow and a 214 Brush. Using a 219 Brush line the lower lashline with Knight and Pincurl Eye Shadows. Coat lashes with All Black Fibre Rich Lash, followed by applying 7 and 20 Lash to the top lashes.

Give cheeks a little colour using Lilicent Blushcreme and a 190 Brush.

Line the outer lips with Dervish Lip Pencil. Layer on B-Babe Lipstick with a 316 Brush and Strawberry Blonde Lipglass


Shape up brows and fill them with Clear Brow Set and Cork Eye Shadow using a 208 Brush. Highlight browbone with Femme Fi Eye Shadow and a 239 Brush. Pat Painterly Paint Pot and Femme Fi Eye Shadow on the lid using a 224 Brush. Add depth to the crease with Henna and Flip Eye Shadows using a 217 Brush. Line the upper and lower lashline using a 226 Brush and Phone Number Eye Kohl. Layer on multiple coats of Plushblack Plush Lash; apply 35 Lash to the top lash.

Colour cheeks with Mocha Powder Blush using a 116 Brush.

Gently line lips with Pink Treat Cremestick Liner and apply All?s Fair Lipstick with a 316 Brush. Finish off look with Live and Dye Lipglass


January 15, 2009

Haulage is Knowledge...


The colors...

The shades...

Shadowy lady up close....





I seriously liked the way this lovely lady Melissa (melformakeup.blogspot.com) describes Haul videos and haul blog posts. Something which mainly people consider as show-off is actually an informative video/post. I always liked hauls because they helped me to know what stuffs are available in market, how do they look like, where to find them, cost etc. In short, it prepares me to "be prepared" and face a few snob MUA or makeup associates present in stores and not get over-whelmed by the lovely glamour and glitter.

Anywho, MAC recently had 25% off sale and i did buy a few products online. An insight of goodies i bought...:)
Eye shadows in Talent pool, Romp, Patina, Plumage, Hepcat and Club.
Shadowy lady quad.
Lippies in Mocha, Twig, Faux and Amorous

It was a great deal...i wish i should have bought some more stuff....It was a bad timing for the sales...i mean comeon, all the moolah had been spent in Holidays and whatever little was left was saved for new collection...newez, now i have 6 e/s to depot and B2M them for some more freebies!!! Love the B2M programme!!!

Hoping for similar FF sales by MAC in the upcoming months...:)

January 7, 2009


Cleansing milk and a free mirror

Haul with samples

The mask

Gift by MB...

My packet from MARIO BADESCU arrived in mail today. After trying out their samples i ordered for 2 of their products.

1. MB whitening face mask
2. MB cleansing milk with carnation and rice oil.

I had heard very good things about the first product. The second one i got was just to add up on bill so that i qualify for free shipping and Christmas gift from MB..:). They did send some generous amount of samples again...not bad!!!

will review the products after using it for at least a month...:)

January 3, 2009


Lovechild lipglass

MAC 217 brush


Pro-blush palatte

Eye shadow refill pans

Just wanted to share....everyone knows about these beauties...:)

1. MAC 217 brush (Amazing MAC brush..love it!!!!)(my back up..:))
2. Blush palatte (cute!!!)
3. Eyeshadow refill pans: Coppering, Saddle, Sable and Beautiful iris.
4. Lipglass in Love child.

i am just soo waiting for all my palattes to be decently complete...so as to post the pictures on my blog!!!

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