December 29, 2009

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Lip Gloss -- Swatches

I had recieved a sample of Givenchy Gloss Interdit Lip gloss, which I had liked a lot (review) and so I decided to swatch them at my local Sephora, just to make sure how the colors look and just be prepared with a 'rough list' for my next haul.

GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Lip Gloss swatches
Swatches of 01 Capricious Pink, 02 Impertinent Nude, 03 Coral Frenzy
04 Rose Taboo, 05 Indiscreet Beige, 06 Lilac Confession, 12 Rouge Passion
13 Delectable Brown, 14 Sensual Chocolate, 15 Velvet Purple

Its a good gloss and many of them are pigmented enough to be worn alone. The shades in 07 Glamorous Fuchsia and 11 Succulent Orange were missing from my counter. I personally like the shades in 04 and 05. This shade in 05 is called Indiscreet Beige and is described as Rosy Nude. Neither the name nor the description matched..but i liked that color a lot.
I don't think all colors justify the $24.50 price tag. I mean some of the colors are dupable by other brands (read nude colors), but there are a few, that looked lovely, wearable and just awesome...I won't call them unique, but definately worth trying especially the more pigmented shades.

(I seriously didn't understand what I said in the last line, but yes...some colors are cool..some are so-so)
Also, the Rose Taboo shade reminded me of Lovechild lipglass from MAC and I will try to do a comparison swatch soon.

Is it Dupeable or Dupable??


  1. lol I love your last question. It's not dupable that means easily tricked. I don't think dupeable is a real word, but most bloggers use that. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. I understand what you mean... I love your swatches. Very helpful. I definitely wish I could buy them :)

  2. PS. Frenzy kinda reminds me of Nars orgasm lipgloss

  3. Indiscreet Beige? I don't see the Beige at all.
    I like the Nude shade though.

    Thanks for swatches!

  4. Hey Crissy: I literally spent 10 minutes 'understanding' the online meanings of dupable/dupeable....finally gave!!

    Coral frenzy is much pigmented. Given the option, i would buy this over NARS...i mean some stuff from NARS are expensive and hyped!!

  5. hi Rai: I seriously double checked the color. Its called beige...but now I feel like checking once again...i will update if i find the color is different. sometimes the lipglosses are not kept in their correct slot..

  6. I think it's dupeable, but whatev, we understand you! I looove these, way more than MAC Dazzleglass. They're actually cheaper than d/g's here anyway so if I bought one, it'd be these. We don't have all the colours you feature here though!

  7. Amazing swatches! I wonder how you can manage such crisp pictures!!

  8. As always you did fantastic job with these swatches. Thank you!



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