November 17, 2008


MUFE diamond eyeshadow
Deep throat (old)

Dolce vita





NARS blushes in outlaw, sin, dolce vita and deep throat (old)
(i was just admiring my!!)

yay!! i got my goody packet from sephora...yeah, the stuff that i ordered from Friends and Family sale is finally here...

NARS blushes in Sin, Outlaw and Dolce vita
URBAN DECAY Deluxe eyeshadow palate...(i wanted this since a long long time)
MUFE diamond eyeshadow in black

this is pretty much what i did buy and got some cool samples as well. I remember in one of my older posts there was an anonymous person who had commented that i should not be calling myself a makeup maniac because i had only one NARS blush and that my purchase of three items were very less as the anon person would but at least 15 items every time he/she went to sephora...well keeping that in mind, this indeed is a very tiny tiny haul....but i am loving every bit of it.....

hope such family deals repeat more than once a year!!!!

November 8, 2008

MAC MSF....aka mineralize skin finish!!!

MSF in So Ceylon and Light flush (i already had)

finally i did get the very hyped SO CEYLON MSF from MAC!!!
this MAC addiction is bad and if i am not cured soon, i might end up being a pauper!!!! ceylon is a beautiful warm, bronzy-gold color (ok, i am bad at describing colors), pretty similar to warmed MSF (which my friend has). It compliments my NC 30/35 skin tone and i use it as a highlighter on my cheek bone and over my warm blushes to get that extra glow!!! i might try using it on my eyes as well and i am sure it will make a great eyeshadow color..... this is a great colour for summer n i m loving it!!!!! regretting this buy!!!!


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