August 8, 2014

Shiseido Facial Cotton (Review)

Reviewing Facial Cotton??? Like Seriously???? 

This was the reaction, when I told my friend I was going to review cotton. The thing is we are in process of moving and re-locating and most of my makeup as well as 'products to review' has been packed. I cannot take any pictures nor do I have much time to devote on the blog. I wanted something simple to talk about for the next few days on Dazzle 'n' Sparkle. 

What better than talking about a product that has been one of the most used, most loved, holy grail stuff for me. 

But then again, Seriously! Talking about Cotton.... ???

Shiseido The Makeup Facial Cotton
An extremely soft, gentle way to apply liquid skincare products.

This exclusive Facial Cotton is 100 percent natural and uniquely manufactured for a consistent soft, smooth texture. It allows for maximum absorption and assists in the application of Shiseido softeners.

I came across a glowing review of this product back in 2011. Blogger curiosity made me buy one packet and I must say it was one of the best purchases made and has attained the HG status and is a staple in my routine.
In comparison to the traditional cotton balls or drug store cotton pads, these are thicker, much softer, stronger and durable. The best part is they do not leave behind little cotton fibers all over the face. This one quality alone makes it worth the price tag.

I personally use these pads to remove my eye as well as face makeup. I usually do not need an entire pad to remove eye makeup, so I cut it into two and use each half for each eye, but for my face I do need two whole pads. I don't wear full face and full eye makeup every day. So depending on frequency of usage, one pack lasts for about 2+ months for me.

Thickness of 4 pads

The pads are made of 100% cotton making them ridiculously soft on skin and delicate around the eyes. The feel is ultra luxurious! The cotton reminds me of surgical cotton that I had used in medicine school and it used to have high absorbing capacity. This particular facial cotton too has maximum absorption quality and so I use relatively less makeup remover or nail polish remover.

This is very good for removing glitter nail polish. It just makes the job so easy! No fuzzy stuff getting stuck on the nails and glitters. (I have found cotton mixed with some synthetic material for removing nail polish and they are sold as nail polish removing cotton pads. Those are pretty good for nail jobs and much cheaper. They are horrible for face though.)

Thickness of a single pad

There is nothing much to talk about this product. Apart from the price tag, all I see is pros and no cons. There are other brands that carry similar product like Shu Uemura and Chanel, but I have not tried anyone of those.

In a nutshell, Shiseido's Makeup Facial Cotton pad is a wonderful and versatile product. They are gentle on the eyes and skin. The pads reduce the amount of products to be used considerably. 

No doubt it is expensive, but worth giving it a try once for removing makeup. The facial cotton is available at any Shiseido counter and online (Nordstrom,  Bloomingdales, Macy'sSephora) . Each pack contains approximately 90-100 rectangular cotton pads.  
Good time to stock up on them is at Sephora Friends and family sale. 

Have you tried this product? What is your preferred choice of facial cotton or makeup removing in general?

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