March 4, 2014

Origins - Dr Weil Conditioning Lip Balm with Turmeric

Last week there was a lip emergency. No, seriously! there was. My junior aka my 8 years old son decided to 'pull' the dry bits of his lips and it started to bleed. Bleed here in the mall. My constant efforts to make him put on lip balm goes waste, but this time around the situation was different. The kid was in pain and he could see the look in my eyes that said "I told you so". He agreed to apply.

Unfortunately, the only lip balms I had in my bag were tinted ones (sugar lip balm) and the dude was ready to bear the pain, but NOT apply Lipstick. Case Closed.

I picked this Origins Lip balm from the nearest visible store Macy's. It was not a conscious decision to pick from Origins, but this was the nearest available counter and I like Origins as a brand. I had two options. Lip Remedy Soothing lip Saver and Dr. Andrew Weil Conditioning Lip Balm with Turmeric.

I chose the later one. Turmeric is a healer and Dr. Andrew Weil is a name that can be trusted.

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins: Conditioning Lip Balm with Turmeric:

Color: Pale Yellow and NO, it does NOT stains the lips.

Texture: Thick, waxy and dry

Scent: Natural scent or rather no scent. No artificial perfume scent nor any weird herbal scent.

Application: Due to its dry texture, application is bit difficult. It does not glides on smoothly and tugs the lips. Once it warms up a little due to natural body heat, then there is no problem. One or two swipe is enough to get a decent film.

Feel on Lips: Light application (two or three swipes) moisturizes the lips and does not feel heavy at all, but more than that it does feel uncomfortable n heavy, like a thick layer of wax.

Effect: The lip balm does a good job of healing. It worked well for my kid's severely chapped lips. He applied it for 3-4 days. Later, I started using it. It made my lips soft, but it is not the most emollient and soft lip balm. It did not make my lips buttery soft, but it just protected the lips from further drying or peeling.

Packaging: It comes in a flat, skinny, oblong shaped tube, which is kind of cute and very practical for application.

Verdict: It is not one of my favorite lip balm, but it did work very well for my kid. So I can say it is a healer, something that I personally use a bed time, over night lip treatment. It has no SPF, so no sun protection here. It is a good thing for me, because lip balms with SPF peels my lips. I wish it had a better texture. Had it been soft and smooth, the application would had been more easy and user friendly. Origins could have done better.

Have you tried this balm? Which is your favorite, holy grail lip treatment?

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