March 10, 2014

Benefit - Lollitint (Review/Swatches)

A smudge-proof lip and cheek stain in a candy-orchid tint. This lasting lip and cheek tint adds a beautiful flush of pink to lips and cheeks with true staying power. Smudge-proof and smooch-proof, color lasts day to night.

'Tints' have been my go-to product for 'no make up' make up day. Benefit Posietint is my absolute favorite. It is a poppy pink tint and such a wondeful spring color. The newest addition in tint family is Lollitint.

Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain

Color: Candy-Orchid. This is a lovely pinkish lilac blush, with blue undertones. It is a cool toned blush and is very unique!

Texture and Consistency: It is a liquid blush, which is slightly thick and has a gel like consistency. It is NOT a gel, but not watery either like Benetint. It is very opaque.
Application on Cheeks: Unlike Benefit Posietint, this was a bit tricky to apply. The best tool I personally found were my fingers. Dab a dot and blend quickly. Very very quickly. This dries fairly fast, making it impossible to blend once dry and so it is better to work on one cheek at a time. None of my blush brush did a good job of blending, but my fingers worked well. The color is buildable and can be used to get more intensity if needed. The application was easy on my bare skin, that just had lotion or skin cream on it.

Application on Lips: Tints or Stains never worked for me on my lips. Lollitint did stain well, but stained uneven. It made my lips very dry and looked super unnatural. It sinked in the fine lines too. One needs to have really good and evenly moisturized lips to use this stain.

This will stain the finger badly, if finger is your tool of choice.

Color pay off and Staying Power: The color pay off is good. It stains really well. The color is buildable as well. It is a cool toned blush, with blue undertones, but it looks lovely and very flattering on my skintone that has heavy yellow undertones. It shows up nicely and stays pretty well for good eight hours! There is absolutely no shimmer or sparkles. The finish is satiny and the end result is dewy.

Packaging: Very cute and very Pink! The metallic looking container is pretty and so are the flowers. The applicator is like every other Benefit tint, just like nail polish brush. It comes with a small leaflet, where application procedure is shown. Pretty neat! This is a good bottle to travel with, because its leak proof and spill proof. Also, the brush comes in handy.

Swatch of Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain

Verdict: I like the product, especially for the unique color. I am always amazed at the fact that blushes with Blue undertones, that specifically have lilac, lavender or Purple hues looks exceptionally good on me. NARS Sin happens to be my all time favorite. If I have to choose only one Benefit tint, I would go with Posietint. I find Posietint more forgiving and easy to use. Lollitint dries very quickly and if the application is messed up, it would leave blotchy, patchy and unevenly stained cheeks. Not very flattering. A good product to have if art of application is mastered.

Do you love stains and multi-tasking products? Have tried this one?

Disclaimer: This product has been purchased by me. The post does has Affiliate Links.

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  1. Ooh, how pretty! What a perfect shade for Spring. Have a wonderful weekend! xo




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