February 11, 2014

Simple Picks - Valentine's Day

Simple Picks for Valentine's day

There are tons of innovative things that can be ordered online. From fancy prints to tons of unique stuff available at Etsy. I really appreciate people who spend time actually searching for the 'perfect Valentine's day gift' for their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many who rush to get things done at the last minute. My husband is one of them. I have selected some very obvious, easily available picks. Something I would love to get. Personally I would not want getting make up, simply because being a Beauty Blogger, I have loads of makeup and I just get too picky with colors.

1. Jewelry: Any kind, from anywhere. Depending on the budget it can be Tiffany or Claire's. I like simple bracelets, pendants or studs from Swarovski. These are well made and look good. They make elegant, decent go to pieces when nothing else works. They last long too.

2. Decor: A little unusual choice for a romantic day. Most of these designers have cute stuff, that can be used on the vanity table or study table or just to decorate anywhere. I like pieces from Jonathan Adler, Nate Berkus, Kate Spade amongst many. The best thing is Jonathan Adler has special collaborated collection at JCPenny and Barne's and Nobel. Nate Berkus Pieces can be found at Target too.

3. Totes, Bags and Purses: This is sure to be a hit and hot gift item. Everyone has their own tastes in bags. Just like jewelry, depending on the budget and style, a good bag can be picked on the last day. I am wishing to add this lovely Henri Bendel piece to my collection. I like the illustrations on the bag. Brighton too has bags with similar illustrations. Henri Bendel is a store that cannot be found in every mall, but it is easy to find a Brighton Store.

4. Wallet and Clutch: This is a fool Proof gift. I don't think it can be rejected. Ranging from various colors to brands to size and price range, wallets and clutch make good gifts. TJmaxx, Marshalls and  Nordstrom Rack are places to find good quality designer wallets at a decent price tag. I am loving this hot Pink Michael Kors wallet.

5. Candles: How romantic!! Pair this with Chocolates or Flowers or both and you have a lovely gift ready in no minutes. I would suggest sticking to fancy candles from Jo Malone or Diptyque over Yankee Candles. Its all about being chic and romantic at the same time... right??

6. Scarves: A beautiful scarf makes a good gift. From Silk to Cashmere to Modal Blends. Anything that suits the budget should work. I like scarves from Coach. These are not insanely expensive and if there is a Coach outlet, the price would be just right! The square ones can be tied on a bag to make it look more fancy. Currently, I am liking this oblong one from Coach. So perfect!!

7. Wristlet: This to be 100% honest is what I want for myself. This particular color and this same piece from Coach. So this special mention. It pretty much falls into the category of Wallets and Clutch.

8. Watch: It is the fashion! Layering watch and Bracelets.. Mixing metals and so on. Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs makes really good looking watches. The price range is not painfully high and they look good too.

9. Fragrance: Probably the most easiest and the most difficult thing to gift. Easy because you get them in any mall at any price range and difficult because selecting a scent/fragrance can be really tricky. I chose Chanel because it is a classic and probably liked by many.

10. Tray: A multi-purpose pick. Use it to catch loose coins or jewelry. A cute little gift. I like this envelope shaped one from Kate Spade. This is available online. But the products were too cute to pass and not mention.

As always there are Chocolates and Flowers. These are my personal picks and I have chose the most common gifts. For more fancy, unique gifts search the internet please.

Happy Shopping!

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