February 17, 2014

Gold Nail Polish - OPI Love.Angel. Music.Baby, Essie Good as Gold

OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Lacquer Collection - Love.Angel.Music.Baby

The color is Golden, but not bright Gold. It looks more like Liquid sand.

L'OREAL because you're worth it 580, Essie Good as Gold, OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, Sephora by OPI looks like rain, Dear

These are a bunch of Gold and Gold hued nail polishes in different finishes, that I have. Sephora by OPI is not available anymore. I just wanted to compare the Gold shades and finishes.

Essie Good as Gold

Ultra fine, metallic finish. This color is absolutely stunning, so is the finish.

Sephora by OPI Looks like rain, dear

The color is bright Gold, with large flecks of Glitter. The color is lovely and it sparkles nicely.

L'OREAL because you're worth it. This color has slight copper touch to it, but it is my very favorite.

Swatches of Gold Nail Polish

1. OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Color in Love.Angel.Music.Baby
2. Essie Nail Color in Good as Gold
3. L'OREAL Nail Color in because you're worth it
4. Sephora by OPI in Looks like rain, dear

OPI nail color Love.Angel.Music.Baby is a very Unique color, with a very different finish and texture. None of my Golds are like this one. The polish has a dull, matte, sand like finish. It is thick, but very opaque. Good coverage in just one coat. I applied two coats on this color wheel. The color dries very quickly.

I have hardly reviewed nail polishes on Dazzle 'n' Sparkle. I just find it very difficult to hold the polish bottle in one hand and click pictures with other. Tripod never worked. Finally, a humble attempt using the color wheel. I tried my best to get accurate swatches, but it was hard. I guess with practice I will get an idea how this whole polish swatch thing works.

The whole line up of Golden Beauties in all its Glory. L'OREAL one is by far my favorite color and Essie has the most wonderful texture and finish. I love the sparkles of Sephora by OPI. Love.Angel.Music.Baby though a unique color was least flattering on my skintone, hence my least favorite.

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