December 29, 2013

The Happy Week

It was a beautiful week. Fun, Fun and more FUN! Nothing like seeing smile on kids faces. I had a little party planned for few friends and their kids. The decor was colorful. Very colorful and verry traditional. Gold, Red and Glitter. As much as I admire the wonderful color co-ordinated, themed Christmas trees and decors on Pinterest, our tree ends up looking same every year. All thanks to the young 8 year old who insists on 'decorating' the tree all by himself. Yep! No to my Swarovski Annual Crystal Ornament (I freak out! He might break and ruin my collection!) Hubby dear says, I can have a tree of my dreams in future once he goes to college. But what would be Christmas like without hyper excited kid, constantly touching the presents!

I re-used the gift wrapping paper from last year. Hubby dear just gave his gifts to free gift wrapping booths and we had a bunch of mismatched gifts under the tree. I love, love Gold polka dot papers and ribbons, but so far never wrapped anything in one. Sid says it is boring. Wrapping papers should have cartoons and Disney Characters! Point noted. Paper selected.

I am loving the Happy Chic Collection by Jonathan Adler for JCPenny. The striped vase seen in the background is a part of same collection. I originally didn't plan it as a part of Christmas decor, but I for got to change it on the party day and the kids cared least. This blog post was supposed to be posted a day before Christmas, but it never happened. I thought why waste beautiful pictures. Lets put them in memory category... :)

 Hope you all had wonderful time!

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