December 13, 2013

Fresh Start

It was a very conscious decision on my part to take a break from all things related to blogging. I said temporary Good Bye to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and God alone knows how many social media and networking sites I have connected with Dazzle'n'Sparkle by choice. This past May, I had been to my home country after 5 unending years and was looking forward to meet my parents relatives and friends after such a long time. Obviously real socializing is any day way better than virtual socializing via various networking sites. I don’t regret even a single minute of it. I did not miss blogging neither did I worry about taking ‘the perfect pic’ before eating food or opening a present. It was all good and Fun.

Come August and the real issue started. I just didn’t ‘feel’ like blogging or for that matter sharing anything on Dazzle'n'Sparkle. I gave million and one reasons to just NOT blog! A clear case of blogger’s block. I just did little, quick sharing on Instagram. That’s about it. It is not as if my blog was making any major significant difference in the world of blogging or there were thousands missing my blog. It’s just that I just missed sharing and rambling. I blog for fun and I missed the fun!

Well, now the battle is over and I really have loads to share. Sephora Friends and Family sale as always was a bumper hit with me. If you know me or have been following Dazzle'n'Sparkle, you probably must have guessed my picks. Skincare stuff and gift sets. Predictable, right?? Recent months saw me cutting drastically on buying makeup and bags and spending some of my money on home decors, kitchen stuff and more books. I would share these as well on the blog. With some fancy planners, motivational and inspirational worksheets, it looks like I will be more organized in coming months.
Thank you to all who still visit the website and have been supporting me.
Thank you to all of you who read the entire post! Have a wonderful Holiday season ahead.

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  1. Hope u had a lovely Christmas dear!

    As for blogging, I know what it's like to loose your mojo... but sometimes a break is what the doctor ordered! ;) Hope your batteries are charged, cos I know I'd love to read what you've been up to beauty-wise! xx



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