December 1, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus - Review

I actually had a small list when the pictures of the products from this Target + Neiman Marcus collaboration started to make rounds on various blogs. I was sure about buying these stuff after actually seeing them in person.

I didn't wait in line or went super early, though I did reach target by 8.40 AM which is pretty early for shopping for anything other than essentials and groceries.

Target was cool, well stocked and all the collection displayed in a designated small area, which was guarded by a security person and it made my son freak out.

The things were flying of shelf pretty quickly and one could easily spot sellers and people who actually were buying things for themselves.

Diane Von Frustenberg Jewelry box was on my list, so it went straight in my cart.

I like the box. It is well made and sturdy. The lid just sits on the box and does not snaps shut. This is something I really wish were different. It would had made the jewelry box more easy to travel with if ever needed and safe guard the jewelry itself. It is lined on the inner side by soft black felt kind of material and had some compartments.

Price was $49.99 plus Tax. A regular, 'good looking' jewelry box would cost around $25- $30 at TJMaxx or Marshalls, a place where one finds good but affordable stuff. So you pretty much pay $20 extra for Brand Name and a Unique look given to it aka Design which makes it Designer stuff. It would look good on Vanity Table and serve as a decor stuff too.

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates: My absolute favorite of all the things I picked. This was on my mind but not on my list. Someone had left a Box open, so I could actually see the colors of the plate. I am glad I put it in my cart without thinking much, because few minutes later the rack that carried this stuff was empty.

The colors are rich and the plate is really well made. The quality is awesome and there are no weird scratches or anything. Its just Perfect!!!

The 4 plates are $39.99, which I feel is very reasonably priced, especially when you see similar kind of stuff at Anthropologie or similar kind of stores. This would make a great hostess gift for the holidays. A good purchase for sure.

Carolina Herrera Travel Bags:

These are set of three Travel Bags and comes in 3 decent sizes. The material is nice. It is fabric outside and the lining is waterproof material. The print is cute and colorful. The zippers are really good and well made. This was never on my list. I just got sucked in by all the cuteness.

Usually one can get good Travel bags for $20-25 (set of 3). This one costed $39.99 plus Tax, which is OK. This would make a good gift and I guess that is what the whole purpose of this designer collaboration is.

Philip Crangi Trinket Box: I was sure I wanted this because I really like anything made of brass and looks Antique. My store had only 3 left. By next 5 minutes, none were left.

The box is heavy and very small. It is one of the most expensive items I picked other than the Sweater that i bought for my husband.

The box has good weight to it. The lid just sits on the box and does not snaps shut. This is one product that I really want to keep, but looking at the size and the price, I just don't know what to do. This one is whopping $69.99 and I think it is waay too over priced for the size. Also these things don't have much use. They are just cute.

Philip Crangi Photo Frame:

This one is pretty too and I didn't take it out of the box, because it is a gift. Looks very beautiful and I really hope I don't change my mind and end up keeping it for myself. This usually happens.

t was for $49.99, a little on pricey side.

Carolina Herrera Stationary set:

Seriously??? I know!!! But it was so cute!!! $19.99 for Fabric wrapped note pads and 3 pencils. My justification: Everyone needs note pads....Colorful note pads on table. This would make a good gift too.

Brian Atwood Sunglasses:

This too was never on my list and honestly I picked it because while I was at store, I read a few girls raving about it on Instagram. I knew this would never look good on my face, but I still picked it. It comes with a case and the sunglass itself is studded with rhinestones. Its a fun thing, but made me look like clown.
This is the only item that will be going back.

rag and bone men's sweater:
It looks nice. Feels thick and heavy. It appeared a bit rough to touch. I hope my husband likes it. This one was $69.99 plus tax.

There were some other things that were cute and amazing. The Altuzarra Tray was super Awesome and if I had a real house and not tiny apartment, I would have purchased it. It was so heavy!!! Loooked super sexy and elegant. Infact, the whole Altuzarra line of products were awesome. I won't be surprised if these would make their way to decor blogs.
Marc Jacobs Bag was Ok, but it was not too cool. The Scarf was soft too, but why Black??? I wish they had some design on it. Similarly I have no idea why they asked Tory Burch to design a Beverage Container and Tiffin Box. Nothing extraordinary. Proenza Schouler ipad sleeve was on my list, but I didn't like the material.

There were Holiday Ornaments, Gloves and many other stuff too, but I didn't pick them.
These are my honest opinion about the products I purchased.

Did you guys pick anything from this collaboration? What do you think about them?


  1. I love this. Want the white Jewelry box!

  2. Those plates look so pretty! I might have to order those! :)

  3. I bought my things online. I wish that I had went to the store, but I am really thinking about ordering the Tracey Reese plates. I picked out the Oscar da La Renta Tote and Tory Burch set. Saw your comment on makeupwithtiffayd.



  4. @anon: You will Love that white Box... :)

    @LipGlossGossip: NM had everyything in their store... :)

    @Carla: Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog.. looking fwd to get some motivation... :)

  5. i like the stationary set. It is super cute!! will go and check this collection in person today. Nice picks woman...

  6. Hi, R! These are some awesome stuff! Love the CH travel bag pattern, super cute!

    Hugs and kisses from :



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