October 15, 2012


This was my second mask pick from LUSH along with The Sacred Truth Mask which I absolutely love!

Before we begin with the review and stuff, I just want to suggest that don't buy too many LUSH MASKS at one go. These are all natural and fresh products that need to be refrigerated and have a shelf life of barely 3 weeks. Loads of product just go waste unused because they reach their expiry dates soon.

Ok, with that said Back to review. I personally didn't enjoy this mask much. Though the ingredients in this are absolutely perfect for dry skin, there were few things that bothered me.

The whole combination of ingredients is amazing. Oats, Almonds, Banana, Vanilla, Glycerine to name a few. I wished it worked.

Color: Pale Yellow/Oatmeal kind of color.

Texture: Slightly gritty, fine paste and little sticky.

Consistency: Super thick Porridge.

Fragrance: Vanilla and something bitter. I just hated it!! It smelled so synthetic.

Application: It is very difficult to apply when cold. As this mask is to be refrigerated, it would obviously be cold. I just used to take the desired quantity out and leave it to come to room temparature. This being thick, spreading becomes difficult without adjusting the consistency. I added a few drops of water. I tried to apply it on its own, but most of the product actually fell in the sink because I was trying to literally stick blobs of product on my face. I kept it for 10-12 minutes.

Feel on Skin: This mask does not dries completely hard. The upper layer does loses moisture, but does not dries all the way. It made my skin feel itchy. I did not develop any rash or redness, but it did made my skin itchy. Moisturized well and did not dry out. I felt there was a layer of waxy something that I could scrap of with a thin spatula (i hope I am making sense here)

Effects: The mask has a slight gritty texture. It does not exfoliates like regular scrub as these grits are very fine, but does not leaves the skin dry either.

Verdict: I personally didn't enjoy the mask. It did not give me that happy feel on skin and the smell actually bothered me a lot.

Pic from Lush website

Caution: Keep the eyes closed when rinsing this one. If it gets into the eye, it is very difficult to get it out. Left my eyes red and cloudy. The grits made them all irritated and itchy!

Disclaimer: This is my experience with the product I purchased. It may or may not work for you. Please use skincare products at your own risk and always opt for patch test if in doubt.


  1. I actually really liked this mask but will attempt to make it myself next time. xx

  2. I actually did the same thing Maya. Tried making my own using the key ingredients and the results were awesome... and the smell was delicious. I added a little milk and honey as well.. :)

    Thanks for stopping by...



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