October 16, 2012

Simple Sparkles - Francesca's Collection

I just got this mail notification from Francesca's Collection. They have a BOGO half off offer on all their jewelry. Past weekend, on Sunday I had been to their Boutique and I saw pretty much most of these jewelry. They are well made, but yeah not as well made as a J Crew costume jewelry. They don't look cheap for sure.

The price range is pretty affordable around 25-35 USD. With the deal, these are steal!

Costume jewelry is something I think a lot before shelling out loads of money. I mean no matter how good they look, I still cannot convince myself dropping more than $100 on them until n unless its a classic piece and I know I will be wearing them a lot.

For these chunky necklaces and stuff that is all the rage these days, I find these boutiques a good place to hunt for "designer inspired" pieces.
Also for someone who is too intimidated by the idea of wearing HUGE necklace, but still would want to try, cheap but good looking pieces are their best friends.

I love the leaf bracelet with the huge green stone in the centre. I think it is something that would add the needed pop!

Do check the boutique if you have one near by. The sale is valid till October 16th, 2012. I am not affiliated with the brand or store. I just liked these few pieces and their quality. So if anybody interested might just go and take a look...

Enjoy Shopping!!!


  1. love the bracelet too. Looks very royal!

  2. Oooh the turquoise necklace is nice! You have great taste in jewelry, Resham :)



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