September 26, 2012

Statement Necklace

I see them everywhere these days. Every single fashion blogger I follow have these as a part of their outfit. Most of them usually wear the stuff that they get for consideration and hence repeat telecast of same necklace on every blog. The best thing I enjoy is to see how these different bloggers use the same necklace in different ways.

These necklaces can give any boring outfit an instant lift. These come in every size imaginable. Huge, chunky, bold, long multi-stranded or short like a choker. These trendy pieces need to be unique and make heads turn. A conversation starter piece.

There are just few basic rules to follow when sporting a bold statement Necklace.

When wearing bold neck piece, it is advisable to keep other jewelry to the minimum, so as the focus is completely on the gorgeous neck piece.

Statement Necklace look more better on Plain dresses or plain background. Prints can clash with the beauty and design of the necklace.

The ratio of one's body Proportion to the size of the necklace should be taken into consideration. Tall girls or girls with longer necks and not so heavy upper body can carry bigger and chunkier pieces well in comparison to short girls with shorter neck. This is just my observation and opinion. It is not a thumb rule.

Stella & dot Sierra Necklace Stella & dot Campari Necklace Stella & dot Tempest Necklace
Dannijo Medine Bib Necklace (Gorgeous, but insanely expensive!)
Lulu Frost Demeter and Medusa Necklace

Nina Garcia's collaboration with Baublebar. They have some cool necklace at an affordable price.

Everyone needs to have at least one in their jewelry collection. It need not be insanely expensive. They come in every price point. From $10 to designer prices.

If doubtful about the size or not sure how much it will be used, I would suggest picking pieces from H & M and Forever21. Once you get the hang of putting together an outfit or planing a look using Statement necklace as focal point, by all means go ahead and invest in more pricey and unique piece.

My favorite way to wear this piece of jewelry is with a solid Tee or a button down shirt. I would love to wear it with maxi dress, but I am too short to pull that look beautifully. Whichever piece you choose just remember to wear it with confidence and smile.

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