September 17, 2012

Elie Saab 'Le Parfum' Eau de Parfum

Elie Saab 'Le Parfum' Eau de Parfum

I was playing around with my hubby's 'good' camera (read multiple lenses) and I clicked few pictures of my Fragrance bottles. They did turn out good, but the ones that hubby dear clicked turned out excellent. I just had to share these.

Fragrances or Perfumes are such personal things. Everyone has theor own tastes and own likings. It is very difficult for me to describe scents. The top notes, Middle notes, blends etc are best left to experts. I can only say two things about any fragrance. "I like it" or "I don't like it"

The best part of fragrances are the memories associated with it. Be it natural earthy scent that takes you back to a vacation or be it a fragrance in a bottle that reminds of someone special or not so special. In any case the memories attached to a particular fragrance always has a story.

Eli Saab is one of my absolute favorites. It reminds me of a very dear friend and the time I spent with that special person. This one has strong floral notes and is very sharp. It reminds me of Inscence sticks, not in a bad or gagging way. This one lasts whole day on me and it feels more mature. Not at all girly like Juicy Couture.

I really enjoy using this one in summers.

You can find this at Nordstrom


  1. I always want to try this perfume but I don't have time to buy. Hope some one gave me a gift like this. Thanks for the sharing this perfume, love the bottle design too. :)

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