June 2, 2012


There is something about the way everything at Henri Bendel is displayed. Their Simplicity is their USP. I love the striped pattern and the colors!

They have some very neat concepts. The Fragrance trial cards are amazing. They have a different illustration on each card, with the name and description of the fragrance at back. So even after you leave the store, you still can figure out what you tried and what smells best!

This was my second visit to this store, first being as a tourist in New York. This one recently opened closer to my home. The store is all fancy and cute, but too over priced in my personal opinion. The SA are very kind and helpful and very well trained. They make sure you get the best shopping experience in their store. Everything came so well packed!!!

A few things that I picked from the store. Candles, Bracelet and Hair ties or Grips.

Henri Bendel Candles smell divine. The price point is OK for luxury candles. There are many in market that are still more expensive than the Bendels. The packaging is well, Awesome! These tiny candles, set of three, make a great gift option.

Love the frosted Glass and simple square on them.

Henri Bendels are well known for their Bracelets and Unique style of Rivet locks. I picked this Duo tone with silver stitched pattern on it. It will make a good layering piece. They had some amazing Bangle Bracelet, that were colorful and wide and had the Exclusive Girl printed on them. They unfortunately were too large for my wrist. Actually they were the most Unique ones.
This pretty much is OK for the price I paid.

These are Hair Ties. Now, here I became a bit ambitious. Each hair tie has a tiny Rivet on it, which looked cute and I thought of a little DIY project by using these rivets once the Hair tie gets lose. Yesterday, I even wore these ties along with watch as bracelet and it looked 'cute'.

I could spend all that crazy money on silly stuff only because there was a GWP promotion going on at the new store, where they gave a Limited Edition Henri Bendel summer Tote. A cute, Oversized tote, which looks overwhelming on my short frame. This will end on Ebay.... :(

So much money for "cuteness". Its OK to own one or two pieces, but I just cannot justify the price range of few items, especially when there are so many amazing Imitation jewelry available both online and in-stores for much better price point.

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