June 5, 2012

Col. Littleton : Leather Goods for Father's day

Few things I ordered from Col. Littleton, for Father's day and also for my Brother and a Friend. Good products from a quality brand. I just thought I would share these with you. These make great gifts for Holidays, Birthdays or for that matter any days...

Col. Littleton is a brand of upscale leather goods, apparel and specialty products − most handmade in Lynnville, TN workshop by local craftsmen. The designs are sold through his Americana Collection catalog and in over 800 stores worldwide.
                                                      - Wikipedia

Over the years, the business has expanded into leather goods, home accessories, apparel, belts and more. His products have been purchased by numerous celebrities and several US Presidents. His annual catalog contains highly entertaining and intriguing stories which surround each product, and people often read every word of copy and comment on the content. (Wikipedia)

In the past, I had purchased and gifted some goods from this brand. It was well loved by everyone! The quality of leather is superior and the craftsmanship amazing!!

These price range is good, considering the fact that all these items are handmade in USA. Also the personalization is done at a very affordable cost and is optional.

This is a good size Document bag and is not lined inside. Has a good weight to it.

A shoe shine kit, which looks clean n chic and makes a perfect travel kit.

There are many cool stuff for guys like belts, wallets, pouches, Travel bags and many more. I wish they had more options for women bags/purses. The leather is delicious!!


Disclaimer: I purchased all these products and none of them is sent for review (I wish they sent some)


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