May 7, 2012

Simple Joys

Barnes and Noble had these Candles on Sale. These are the SOY Candles and usually around $20. On sale these were 50% off. They smell good. Pomegranate happens to last longer and is one of my absolute favorite.

The Gray "Thoughts" Journal was picked from Francesca's Collections. This boutique is so cute!! The engraved kind of pattern all over the Journal matched the Brown Cover of my Kindle. I pretty much don't have any "thoughts" as such to pen down..but it was too cute to pass...

Another set of tiny journals from Target. Love the colors. Have been only to New York. Hopefully someday will get a chance to visit Paris and London...Also, I am glad I found my long lost Zip Drive!!! These are so handy...

This 3 tiered Travel jewelry box in leather. This is very handy, Spacious, user-friendly and affordable. Got it at Barnes n Noble. This has 3 separate sections and can hold enough jewelry, without the fear breaking or ruining the shape. Just $20!

The Simple Joys of Pretty Little Things...

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  1. Something about this post makes me smile. Love the Journal!



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