June 1, 2011

MAC - My Paradise (Comparison/Photos)

I simply picked this particular product because it was sold out everywhere and I thought I will miss on something cool and repent later.

I have not been buying much make up. I am not even following all collections. I do read some of my favorite blogs though. It may sound weird, but I didn't even knew the name of this product when I purchased. I just went in MAC to see the collections and the display, which holded this product was SOLD OUT everywhere. It made me curious to know what it was!!

My Paradise is pretty much a collector item. The beautiful pattern is to die for. The color itself is very summery.

I swatched it at store and it is very pigmented. It stays put I believe because it was there on the back of my hand like a 'stain' till late evening.
The Golden flower is a over spray and it is very chunky and glittery.

I didn't use the one I have. I don't intend to. My experience with highly pigmented product is that it requires a lot of blending and patience. I just don't get much use out of them. No point ruining a product (a beautiful looking one) if I am not going to use it.

A stippling brush is a MUST if you want to apply this. It is really pigmented and if not worn properly might give an illusion of sun burnt cheek. The color would work beautifully on Medium to Darker skin tone. Not that lighter skin tones cannot rock it, but it would be AMAZING for medium to dark skin tone lovelies.

I find it to be similar to Cargo Rome Blush. It is not similar to NARS Taj Mahal, which is very Orange.

Enjoy swatches and comparisons on The Beauty Look Book website.


  1. Very pretty. I purchased and myself love My Paradise as well. I totally agree with you when you say that it is a collector item, and also that it needs to be used with a light hand.


  2. I'm thiiiiiiiis close to getting this!!! Thiiiiiiis close!!! Lol!


  3. Glad you were able to pick this up since everyone was going crazy over it! I couldn't get this to work at all on my skin due to the red undertones. The pattern is super pretty though.

  4. Such a pretty color. I want it!

  5. wow i need to get this when it launches here :D :D

  6. This blush looks amazing, but I have heard that Mac blushes are extremely pigmented and kind of hard to work with as well, I still want to give Mac blushes a try though, because I haven't yet! Which do you prefer of all of these?

  7. Thanks for reviewing it....I think these colors do compliment the darker and the burnt skin tones.It is very essential to understand what is good tone for the skin you are wearing.

  8. I absolutely adore your blog and follow you on bloglovin :) Please keep the excellent posts coming!!




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