April 7, 2011


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I have never neglected my blog for so long!! Almost 3 weeks plus! There is no good reason for this. I have not been buying much make-up. A few skincare and essentials here and there. I doubt anyone would be interested in a blog that provides nothing new, apart from a few reviews of Skincare stuff. I am trying to build a decent Jewelry collection. All the money I saved goes towards another LOVE.

My husband, who has always supported this make-up love of mine, was probably bugged by my constant nagging as I had plenty of time in hand. He suggested, I should continue blogging and if I was totally not interested, I should at least have the courtesy of updating those lovely people who occasionally visit my blog.

Also, I received some mails from readers of my blog. They were kind enough to ask me why I was not updating? Some missed my Pigment/Eyeshadow posts and two of them clearly mentioned they would like to see more of in-store swatches. This made me feel more loved and I was humbled by the fact that people still love me and my blog.

With a collective motivation again, I am here with some simple posts….nothing fancy…Just your regular Dazzle 'n' Sparkle…

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