April 29, 2011


NARS Blushes are pure LOVE!! The way these melt into the skin is just Phenomenal. I would call them MAGIC in Sleek Pots.

NARS has some amazing shades of Blushes in their permanent line. From super Pigmented Exhibit A and Taj Mahal to ultra Subtle Madly and Penny Lane. Be it cream or Powder, they excel in their job of providing the needed life on your face.

Many Brands are matching upto the quality of NARS these days. Illamasqua is a close cousin when it comes to crazy pigmented colors out there. I love MAC and CARGO Blushes too.

I have many NARS Blushes, but very few of them are Matte. Most of the Blushes I own have their generous dose of Shimmers. The only Matte Blushes I have tried so far are Desire and Dolce Vita. I was very keen to try AMOUR and GILDA, but Sephora does not carries Gilda or Gina (both matte shades).

Amour is described as Peachy Pink. I may sound like a broken record saying the same thing, but its so difficult to describe a shade of Blush!! We are talking about minute details here. Peachy Pink, Pinky Peach, Coral Peach, Pinky Coral, Peachy Coral, Pinky Coral....by the time this ends, I am seriously in need of basic colors...Red, Blue, Yellow...Life can get simple...and I Ramble!!!!

Jokes apart, the shade captured by my lens is pretty true to color (I think). Computer Screens may alter the shades. These pics are taken near a window, with filtered light and Flash on.

The color has obvious Red/Coral undertones to it. I use a MAC 188 Stippling blush which is sparse and picks just the needed amount of color. On my NC40/42 Skintone, just a dab and good blend is all that is needed. Its very easy to over do, if I am not careful. It has the potential to make the cheeks ruddy.

I had similar problem with Dolce Vita. The RED undertones were not helping. I do love Dolce Vita, but these kind of colors really need some work to get it right on the cheeks. Also, such heavily pigmented blushes are not useful when it comes to touch ups. Blending is the key.

The staying power is super Awesome. Its not a difficult to blend and the texture is buttery smooth. Not powdery. Right Brush is a MUST!

When I bought this home, it reminded me of Illamasqua Hussy. On comparison, I found Hussy was more 'Tame' in terms of undertones. The Warm Pink undertone was more flattering on my skintone than the Coral Red of Amour.

Some people say NARS Amour is a matte version of NARS Torrid. I politely disagree. On comparing the two, Amour clearly appears to be more pink and Torrid true Coral, with no Pink and more of Orange'y' tones to it (here we go again!!!!)

If I have to choose between Illamasqua Hussy and NARS Amour, I would prefer Hussy, SIMPLY because Hussy has the needed Pink tones that look good on me. Its all about the perfect color. Both Hussy and Amour Blushes do not lack in quality. They are Amazing!!!

Disclosure: All items are personal purchases.


  1. Ooh, I've been wanting to try amour. I have the Nara blushes in orgasm and Gina and have been curious to try other shades. I haven't tried any illamasque products yet (not sure if it's even offered here in Canada) but have been reading about them from other bloggers. Thanks so much for the post!

  2. This is one of my favourite NARS blushes! I'll agree that it's best used with a light hand, but it's worth being careful: it adds a perfect flush to the cheeks! :)

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