March 17, 2011


Benefit Powderflage is a lightweight powder that camouflages fine lines, dark circles, or spots. It can be worn alone for light concealing or layered over a cream concealer for extra coverage. The powder ball and brush are small enough to pop into your purse, so you can touch up anywhere.

This set contains:
- 0.11 oz Light-Diffusing Powder Concealer
- Mini Fantail Brush
- An application lesson

I love Benefit Products, well most of them. This unfortunately is not the best product they have in their line (at least for me). The concept of the product is cool, so is the nifty, little packaging. The inside content of the packaging is not so good.

I have been using this product since past many months. It didn't do the job for me since day one, but I was biased as I love the brand and kept giving Powderflage trial after trial in hope that it would work.

Over to the review:

The Color: Pale Pinkish White

The Texture: Finely milled, silky soft Powder

The Application Technique:

I apply it over concealer as setting powder, using a fluffy brush like MAC 224. Any fluffy eye brush would work. Just a tiny amount of product on brush, tap it to get rid of the excess and then dab dab dab.

The Feel: The powder feels soft and is not heavy at all. It makes the under eye area white, which is something I don't like. Also, it did settle in my fine lines. If I use a little extra product, it just gives a very unnatural cake'y' effect. If I use less, it does nothing.
It did help the corrector-concealer combo set well, but did not help in longevity of the duo.

The Packaging: This comes in a funky, ball kind of packaging, which I must admit is cute. Along with it comes a little fan brush, which is crapy in quality, but size wise it is pretty precise. I wish the bristles were a bit on softer side. The brush picks up right amount of product and deposits the powder perfectly.
This whole thing, along with instruction chart is nested inside a barrel kind of cardboard packaging, which I think is totally unnecessary.

The Verdict: I expected a lot more from this product. A little brightening effect was something I was hoping for, obviously along with setting the concealer and making it last long. It performed very little. It was just like any other white setting powder, just a tad light in weight.

I have been using Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and in comparison to that, this one pales and fails.

Not a Happy Consumer here...Sorry Benefit!


  1. Hmmm, interesting post!
    Personally I don't set my concealer, just use powder all over my face with a large brush, so only a minimum amount would end up under the eyes!
    I would still try this out though, since many swear by it!
    I heard it was being discontinued, did u hear anything on that?

  2. I've been looking for a finishing powder. I might have to try LM!

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