February 18, 2011

NYX - The Runway Collection Palette

I was having real hard time finding the URBAN DECAY NAKED Palette. So in January, I ended up picking this NYX Palette from their RUNWAY Collection. This Palette is supposed to be good dupe for Naked Palette. I thought as it was not very expensive and had good Neutral Colors, lets give it a try.

The palette is called Champagne and Caviar Palette. It has a set of 10 Neutral shade eyeshadows with some basic highlighter, Lid and Crease color.
I really didn't try the palette for almost 2-3 weeks initially, with the hopes of finding the Naked Palette in new year. I did manage to the palette I wanted, but ended up trying this one anyways..

The colors look very pretty in pan, but unfortunately it did not perform as well as I expected. The NYX Single eye shadows that I have tried in the past were really good, but the colors in this palette were not as amazing as the singles.
With exception of 2 dark colors in second row and one color in first row, most of them had very sheer pay off. They required some good work to actually show up on me.
Some colors were actually chalky and difficult to work with. There was no fall out, except the pinkish color in second row. It was a bit on powdery side.
There were no Sparkles or chunks of glitter, which is actually a good thing for me (personal preference)

The palette has a good mix of textures. Some are shimmery, frosty and some of them are satiny and matte. Its a good thing to have a decent balance of finishes in a palette. It makes any palette more versatile and user friendly.

I really wanted to like the palette, especially because its Neutral, affordable n compact. There is a lovely mirror too. The size of that mirror is decently big and I could actually use the mirror to do my whole eye make-up. I wear glasses, so I need the mirror to be really close to see what all is going on in and around my eye.

I ended up giving the palette to a teenage daughter of my friend (sorry, no swatches). I also ended up buying one for her friend too. This pretty much shows young, teenage girls like this palette a lot. Its absolutely fine palette if you are starting with make up and do not want to shell out loads of money.

p.s: As a blogger, I end up buying many eye shadows from various brands. Most of the time the colors I pick are pretty much similar to each other, as I lean towards neutral shades a lot. This may have made me a bit picky with what I choose. I am by no means a Brand Snob..:)


  1. I really like this palette and now that you say that the single eyeshadows are even better, I want to try those too! :-) I don't know, the quality sure doesn't compare to MAC shadows, but for the price, I think the quality is pretty good! But I do agree that the darker shades are the best ones in this palette!

  2. I love this colours! Unfortunately Nyx is not sold in Italy shop.

  3. Good to see you're back. And reviewing a product I've used too!
    I didn't like the C&C palette either - several of them showed up the same on me and a lot of the shimmer was too reflective. I gave it to a colleague and I've promised to show her how to use it.

  4. If you're still interested, the Naked Palette by Urban Decay is now available on their website!!

  5. Hmm, I know this has been mentioned many times by other bloggers and I'd love to give it a try myself!
    But I know what you mean abt the texture, I've had the same experience with the Sleek palettes! Sounds like products like these tend to be a little overhyped due to their affordability!




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