January 18, 2011

Make Up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

I got a chance to swatch a few shades of Make Up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks at Sephora. These are all in-store swatches and I had really hard time to remember the numbers of lipsticks. I prefer lipsticks or for that matter any product to have actual names.


Rouge Artist Intense is a highly pigmented, long-lasting lipstick that delivers rich color in one stroke.

Formulated with 50% more pigment than the traditional lipstick, Rouge Artist Intense gives an immediate true-to-color result. A blend of three natural waxes, the creamy texture glides on effortlessly for a long-lasting hold. The extensive color and texture range provides unlimited creativity.

It is formulated WITHOUT Parabens

Available in 3 finishes—matte, pearly, and satin—for varying effects.

Swatches of Make Up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks -Satin Finish

These are all in SATIN Finish

31 - Satin Mauve Pink
30 - Satin Light Rosewood
29 - Satin Rosewood
33 - Satin Fresh Pink

27 - Satin Dark Rosewood
28 -Satin Light Taupe
32 - Satin Soft Pink
23 - Satin Beige

Different Lighting

These Lipsticks were very soft and creamy when I swatched them on my hand.

Make Up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

38 - Satin Coral
35 - Satin Blue Raspberry
36 - Satin Fuchsia
22 - Satin Nude
24 - Satin Orange Beige
25 - Satin Caramel
26 - Satin Brown Beige

Different Lighting

p.s: These swatches are in-store swatches and I have clicked the photos at Mall. The lighting and Flash may alter the actual color. I am somewhere in between NC40/42, warm, Olive toned. Please use these swatches as reference.


  1. Great swatches! I am loving #'s 38, 35, 33, 24

  2. I've been wanting to pick about two of these up just to add to my collection. #31 and 38 look nice.


  3. LOving 25, 26 and 27 :D

    what are your picks for your skintone?

  4. Hi from a new follower!

    These look gorgeous, I'm loving 31 and 33 NOT that I need any more pinky/mauvey lipsticks!


  5. Wow I love your swatches! They're always so helpful and great since I am tan too! :)

  6. Thank you for the swatches! They are so nice. I am loving so many colors!

  7. I'd love to try these and test their longevity and feel on my lips!!!
    Great swatches hunni!


  8. i love it ! i would like to see lipsticks on your lips please !!!! Swatches maybe ?

  9. @Anon: I am sorry, these are all in-store swatches at Sephora. I don't own a single lippie...:(



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