December 5, 2010

Make Up For Ever - HD Blush #6 Quickie

Make Up For Ever - HD Blush #6 Quickie

HD Microfinish Blush is a cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the
cheeks for a healthy glow. It combines mattifying and reflecting powders to
create a soft-focus effect for a radiant complexion. Its ultra-fine, second-skin
texture blends seamlessly, imparting a healthy glow that's hard not to notice.

What else you need to know:
Formulated with evaporating oils, HD Microfinish Blush has a long-lasting result. Dermatologist tested. Paraben free.

Swatch of Make Up For Ever - HD Blush #6 Quickie

This is a FANTASTIC product and this comes as a shocking, but pleasant surprise to me, simply because I had tried this in the past and back then it had not worked for me.

Rewinding back, when this was released few months ago, I got a tiny sample of this from my local Sephora in a small sample jar. When I tried it, I found that it was drying quickly without giving me much time to blend properly. The consistency was thick. I think, the sample in jar from tester bottle was not a good choice. It altered the consistency of the blush making it dry.

Recently, Sephora gave tiny sample bottles of the blush as their 100 point perk (the deluxe sample) thing. I got it in Number 6 Quickie.

Make Up For Ever - HD Blush #6 Quickie and Illamasqua Rude

The Color:

It is a lovely Salmon Pink or Coral Pink, a shade which is warm and perfectly a good color for my NC40/42 warm skin tone. Infact, I can see this working on many skin tones as it can be sheered out or layered on for extra pop of color. The color is buildable. It has absolutely no shimmers or glitters and looks creamy/milky in the bottle.

The consistency:
It is a thick liquid, but not goopy. It is not sticky or oily to touch. It slips and slides easily.

The Application and Finish:
I dot it on my cheeks with fingers and it spreads and blends easily, without leaving any patchy spots. This does dry to a matte finish. It imparts a beautiful healthy flush of color and is not dewy. This does not looks fake at all. This does not accentuates any pores at all.

I don’t have a stiff flat top brush like MAC 130, which I think will do a great and maybe better job. I tried using my MAC 188 stippling brush and absolutely hated the way it worked. It is not a good brush for this liquid product.

The end result is very natural.

In my experience it takes a bit of practice in layering the color to avoid patchy application. A little quickness is needed. The color is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Also it is advisable to do one cheek at a time and shake the bottle well before use.

The product has no Fragrance at all.

The staying power is good. It lasted the whole day for me. Again I would point out that its winter and I don’t sweat at all. The real ‘staying power’ test of any product is in a place like Florida. If a product lasts the humidity of that place, it would last anywhere! Topping the color with a matching/complimenting powder blush will also help the product stay longer on the skin.

The Packaging:
The tiny bottle comes with a pump. This though is a good, hygienic option for a cream, gel or liquid products, does not works well for a pigmented Blush. Too much product is actually wasted. There is no way to control the amount of product dispensed. It is also difficult for touch ups.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in RUDE is a very close color, but the end results are different. Illamasqua blush is more dewy and this one is more matte.

Personally, I am enjoying this product. I am glad that I got this original sample. I would have never spent $25 for trying the product especially after my first experience. Would love to try some more colors. Any suggestions?

p.s: Not tried it in front of camera, nor have seen any pictures of myself sporting this. Cannot comment on the whole HD part.


  1. I love this product. I use my fingers to apply this. I notice when I use a brush...the product goes to waste. So it's best to use fingers.

  2. Glad to hear these are working out well for you this time around! I find using MAC's 130 brush works really well with this - even better than the 188.

  3. I've been interested in this product after I've read a few blog posts raving about it, but I don't have good luck with cream blushes.

    Althoughhh, I do have Illmasaqua Rude brush and I really like it!

  4. Nice swatches...I have the same shade...salmon pink. You cant go wrong with most of MUFE products.


  5. Love your blog. Just found it today. Keep the good work.

  6. Hey girl can the makeup forever hd blushes be used over mac prep and prime spf50, I was wondering because the prep and prime contains oil absorbing powder?

  7. @Anon:

    I have never tried MAC Prep and Prime spf 50. I did use it over MAC Prep n prime line filler base and also over Sunscreen SPF45. It worked well.
    Sephora will gladly give you sample. Do give it a try. Good question though...I never thought of this...:)

    Thanks for stopping by...:)



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