December 23, 2010

Its all SO FESTIVE....

HOLIDAYS are the best time of the year...My Favorite Winter and all the Festive Spirit is something I wait for the whole year. For me the Holiday is NO HOLIDAY without...

Beautiful Christmas tree: Fake or Real, choice is personal. Though I love real trees, I have a fake one decorated for ease and convenience. Probably next year, I will install a real one again. (The tree skirt is missing, because I know its somewhere in the house, but I could not locate it!)

Swarovski Annual Ornaments

Swarovski Poinsettia

Ornaments for the tree: I LOVE the Keepsake Ornaments and Collectibles. They just give your tree that special, personal and emotional touch. Along with the regular stuff, I have been buying Swarovski Annual releases since the year my son was born. 2005 to be precise. Swarovski has been releasing a star Ornament every odd year and a Snowflake every even year since 1991. These look amazing when the sunlight hits on them. They look stunning both on the tree or as a separate display on a table top tree. They make great collectibles as well as an elegant gift item.

Chocolates and MORE Chocolates: I am biased to anything Chocolate. Rich, smooth, Dark Chocolate. The HOT CHOCOLATE MIX from William Sonoma is a great tasting one. A bit expensive considering the fact that its just chocolate shavings and only 8 servings for $20, it still is a luxury indulgence during the Holidays!

Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Rondnoir are another of my absolute favorite. This one is an all time hit in my family. I end up giving one box to almost everyone I gift (whether they like it or not).

Candles: Fragrant Candles gives that warm feeling when lit. Especially, with it becoming dark by 4 pm, the best way for me to distinguish between evening and Night for my 5 yr old is LIGHTING the candle and filling the house with lovely scent. My personal favorite is Cinammon, Pine, Cedar, Balsamic, Christmas wreath. All festive and fun.
I am not a fan of anything Vanilla, Coconut, Cupcake frosting and similar.

Gifts UNDER the Christmas tree: This year in the past one month, amongst me, my husband and my son we bought things that were good enough to qualify for a decent Holiday gift. An I-pad and Macro camera lens for my Husband, Nintendo-DS XL and some games to go with it for my son and all those jewelry for me. All of these gifts have been opened and are actually in USE. Now, there is nothing substantial under our tree. This makes everything a bit un-festive and un-enthusiastic for us.
I still ended up buying some essential as stocking stuffers for my son and Gift cards for hubby, but its not the same. The surprise element will be missing for sure.
I realized its not the gifts, its GIFT UNDER THE TREE that made me happy…Oh, well…

Family: Yes, though I mentioned this point at last, in reality this is what everyone wants for the Holidaya. To be with Family and everyone else you love or mean most to you. Lucky and Blessed are all those people who have family with them to celebrate the festivities.

I wish you all have a Great, Healthy and Happy Holidays and a Fantastic,Successful New Year ahead…..


  1. Seeing all those chocolates made me hungry! I am such a sucker for Ferrero Rocher. My husband doesn't care for them, which blows my mind. How could you not? LOL!

    It sounds like you and your family got wonderful gifts! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


    P. S. I just wanted to thank you for supporting my business. Gemisphere is amazing. Had you not told me about them, I'd be missing out big time!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words - it's lovely to know that someone else is enjoying these posts as much as I like posting them :-) Happy holidays!

  3. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  4. Such a sweet post!!!
    Your tree is looking lovely and those snowflake ornaments are simply stunning!!!

    Hope you had a great christmas dear! :) xxx

  5. @Sarah, Leanne, Dhalia....Thank you lovelies...:)

    @Kate: I love the jewelry you make. The 2011 will sure take the business to new level...Good Luck dear...

    @ Tina: Thank you! I wish I had started collecting the snowflakes sooner....



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