November 16, 2010

One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment (Review)

One of the world's rarest oils, argan oil is derived from the Moroccan Argan
Tree. Rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Vitamin E, it is valued for its
ability to regenerate and nourish dry and damaged hair.

I was a big fool to even imagine that I can get ARGAN OIL like the 'real oil' for $9!! When I went to buy this above Product from Sally Beauty Supply, I was totally under impression that I am buying Real Oil...Like the Josie Maran Oil, which retails for like 48 bucks or something (depending on the quantity).

I have been badly loosing a lot of hair. Now, this thinning of hair is definately not due to major illness or any drug side effects, because by God's Grace, I don't fall into anyone of those categories. I don't have dandruff nor I use too much of hair styling Products or hot tools.

I take my Biotin, Multi-Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Fish name it and I take it very regularly. I am not seeing any difference. This is nerve wrecking and now I am started to get Paranoid.
Someone suggested Argan Oil. Oil in its pure form, but I ended up accidently buying this above product, which though has some percent of Argan Oil is actually a Styling product.

Now onto the reveiw for this 'One-n Only' Argan Oil (Available at Sally's Beauty Supply)

One 'n Only Argan Oil is a non-greasy, alcohol-free formula that is instantly
absorbed into the hair, creating brilliant shine without leaving an oily
residue. Smoothes cuticle for the silky, conditioned and healthy looking hair.
This precious oil helps protect against damage caused by the environment,
chemicals, or excessive heat from stylers, and provides long-term conditioning
while reducing frizz, split ends and breakage.

The Claims:

•Premium finishing, smoothing and conditioning product
•Non-greasy, alcohol-free formula
•Instantly absorbs into the hair
•Creates brilliant shine without leaving an oil residue
•Reduces drying time and speeds up styling time
•Smoothes cuticle for silky, conditioned and healthy looking hair
•Eliminates frizz and leaves hair more manageable
•Helps protect against damage caused by the environment or heat styling
•Mix with color/chemical processes for enhanced results and added depth to color
•For all hair types
•UV protection
•Compare to Moroccan Oil

Ideal for all hair types, One 'n Only Argan Oil is a premium styling finishing, smoothing and conditioning product that produces consistently silky smooth results.

My Experience with the Product.

The Scent: Its AMAZING! Usually hair care products either have offensive scent or annoying scent. This surprisingly has a pleasant scent. Infact, I felt like smelling my hair all the time.

The Texture: It has a slippery texture. Obviously, due to the presence of Dimethicone. It is a Silicone based product.

The consistency: Its liquid, a silky, smooth, slippery liquid which is not very thick or goopy. I had reviewed a similar Silicone Based Product in the Past. It was called Hana Shine Shield. The consistency of that Product was thinner and more Oily than this one.

The Color: It is Colorless.

The Usage: I have thin hair, each strand is very very thin and now with hair fall, I am having the worst hair Nightmare of my lifetime. It is dull, lifeless and hopelessly ugly! Using this in very little amount, may be a 2 pea size gives a very nice sheen to my hair. Its manageable and less frizzy. It coats the hair stands and makes them appear thick. I can smooth it easily and at least give an illusion of healthy hair.

Like I have said in the past, Silicone based product make my hair limp. This is no exception. Using in large quantity makes my hair oily and limp. Applying the right amount is key. I prefer using it on dry hair and not wet hair. I also avoid using it on roots.

The company claims that the product is Ideal for all hair types. I think people who have Thick hair or Coarse Hair will really enjoy the product.

This is my third trial with a Silicone based Hair product. I have used Biosilk and Hana Shine Shield in the past. I would say, this one is by far the best one. It has a good scent and the Shine imparted is Superb. The Sheen looks like real healthy Shine and not oily, if this line makes any sense.

My Request: Please suggest some tips, remedies for Hair Fall/Thinning hair. I am really worried.


  1. Vitamine B.
    Try switching up your shampoo and conditioner to a sulfate free one. And one thing what helped me when i lost a lot of eyelashes is castor oil. I hear it also might helpt with actual hair loss.

  2. I have thin/limp hair too which used to shed a lot...until Hair revive vitamins (from amazon) and be consistent and take them everyday! kerastase bain de force shampoo helped a lot! its pricey but it works...also megatek helps a lot....i never thought my hair would grow thicker or stop falling until i started doing all of these

    good luck!

  3. I used to have horrible nails and very thin hair, but when I started taking silica gel my hair and nails improved within 4 weeks. Now I have thick, healthy hair that grows really fast. I tried taking silica tablets and they did nothing, but the gel was magic.

  4. I've heard about this oil a lot over the web...let me/us know how it works out.


  5. Im currently using the Phyto Phytocyane shampoo and it seems to be helping in hair loss.

  6. What worked for me is prenatal vitamins + selenium tablets + Nutrine Garlic Shampoo (inexpensive and you can get it from I would try these cheaper methods before splurging on Phyto products or something like Nioxin.

  7. I suffer from seasonal hair loss too, it is a very annoying thing to be suffer from!
    What I find helps more than anything, is doing one of those vial treatments that you can find in pharmacies. You may also want to consult a hair expert, if diet is not an issue. Shampoos and conditioners don't really play that an important role imo, but they should not be very heavy. Be gentle with your hair when combing too, and don't use clips etc that are too tight!

    Good luck! xxx

  8. well i was loosing alot of hair and i notice it was either my pantene shampoo/conditioner or the crap loads of vitamins i was takin which was biotin/multi vitamin/ fish oil omega 3/ occasionally b-complex. So i changed my shamp/cond to tressme the ones with less sulfate and stop all the vitamins except the fishoil. I purchase morrocan oil (original) and the hairloss cut down 75%. I really believe it was the combination of vits and shamp/cond. Stress and lack of protien can be a factor to hairloss as well. Good luck i know how scary it is to loose alot of hair!

  9. Thining hair is a Nightmare! Have you tried Nioxin Shampoo and the whole kit?

  10. Lizzette in Texas05 December, 2010 00:38

    Am a black female, 47 yo, and all of sudden my hair started shedding, and then my sides starting going bald. I have been in a wig for about 2 months and it has really helped. I no longer color or relax or pull my hair back in a ponytail. I stumbled upon this product via web, and it had great reviews, so I said what the heck, I've tried everything else,from $3 to $45, no GREAT results. Anyways,I have been using the Argan oil from Sally's for about one month,all I can say is..OMG, hair is not falling out as bad and it looks healthier. I have spent over $200+ over the last 7 months on "Hair stuff" to make my hair not fall out and go bald. I have had some good results with Ole Jamaica black castor oil, but the argan oil is just so much lighter and smells wonderful. I wish I could return ALL this "hair stuff" and get my money back, and go to Sally's and buy 10 more bottles. I don't usually leave reviews, but I had to leave one for this product...REALLY AMAZING. I got the argan on sale for $8, (beats $35/$40) that I have seen on the websites that sells the pure argan. Too much for my wallet. I know the Sally's brand is NOT 100% pure, but that okay by me. My hair just loves this product, my hair is growing slowly and my bald spots are now getting some "hair fuzz", that I can actually grab it. I will buy two more bottles just in case Sally's discountinues it. Everytime I find something that I love, they quit selling it (any product in general). Sally's also have the trial size also. So you might want to check it out before you buy the bigger bottle. I think you will love the results, it is worth every penny. I'm SOLD on one-n-only Argan oil.I haven't use the other products in this line, please leave review if you have. I could of purchased the complete line of One-n-only if I wouldn't have blown $200 on that other "hair stuff" that didn't help my hair none :(.
    Oh well, am hooked on this, I will be using for a long time.

  11. I personally would try 'fekkai' system. My best friend has been loosing his hair BAD but it's from a lot of damage, he decided to try the kit for hair revival and It works rather quickly. He started it about a month ago and I've noticed a big difference.

  12. Definitely try Castor Oil! It has amazing thickening properties. I used this on my overly plucked eyebrows for about 2 months when I felt there was no hope for growth. My eyebrows are now thick full and beautiful!! Jamaican Black Castor oil (available online, i use the Tropic Isle brand) is preferable because it is pure form and more potent. Good Luck!

  13. Argan Oil - Truly a Blessing for me10 January, 2011 18:47

    I just LOOOVVVEE this product. I have been using it for a month, and I went back to Sally's and purchased 3 more bottles since it was on sale. I can't live WITHOUT it! My hair is really growing in my semi-bald spots, and is so much healthier. I love the smell, ppl always ask me "What do you use on your hair? It smells so good! I will forever use this product (or until Sally's discontinues it). Next payday, I will purchase two more bottles (just in case). There are five products that I threw in the trash, they didn't come close to doing what
    One N Only does.

  14. I use the Sulfate Free One n' Only Shampoo, Conditioner, and Reconstructive Mask exclusively on my hair and I love, LOVE, LOVE it.(I also use Organic argan oil from another manufact. on my skin.)
    The lady at Sally's told me I can "mix the one n' only argan oil treatment into my hair color chemicals for a deeper, richer color". Does anyone know how to do that or what she's talking about?

  15. I am going to color my hair today and plan to put some one 'n only on it first and then add some (1/4 tsp.) to my color...that's what the Sally website recommends. I also have the spray which I am happy with. I live in the Florida Keys....can you say HUMIDITY?... and, without this product my hair would friz like a wild cavewoman's!

  16. My suggestion would be to see a doctor. I know several people who have hair loss that have allergies. There is also a condition called alopecia can cause hair loss.

  17. Moroccan oil is famous in skin care and hair care, but it is an excellent addition to cooking. Pure argan oil has many health benefits including a high vitamin E content and a variety of essential fatty acids. It is traditionally used in the cuisine of the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco, and they also know about its health-giving and medicinal properties.Argan oil health benefits



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