Question: Have I ever resisted a Gold Eyeshadow??
Answer: NO...Never!

Question: Do I use Gold Shadow often?
Answer: Nah...Not Often, but I do use them sometimes.

Question: Then why do I buy so many Gold Shades?
Answer: Because I suffer from OGD - Obsessive Gold!!

I enjoy collecting them...thats all!

NARS came out with this Lovely Gold color Eyeshadow in Etrusque for the Holidays. In the past they had released one more gold, but it was full of chunky glitters. This one is really superb and beautiful. Its a pot of PURE GOLD!

The shadow falls into the category of Yellow Gold. It is not as Yellow as MAC Goldmine and Urban Decay Honey. Etrusque has some hint of Brown to it. It is more wearable I think.

The finish is Metallic and not frosty. It has a lovely sheen and the pigmentation is rich. The texture is buttery smooth and there is no Fallout at all. Its easy to blend as well.

Urban Decay Honey, Baked Eyeshadow, MAC Goldmine, Amberlights Eyeshadow MAC Rose Gold Pigment, NARS Etrusque Eyeshadow

I did compare it to a few Golds I have, just to make sure its not same. I definately don't have anything exact similar to this. It is way different to Amberlights (Coppery Gold) and Rose Gold (Rose Gold).

It is also not similar to Urban Decay Baked, Half-Baked, MAC Flip, Cosmic Eyeshadows, Gold Mode or Blonde's Gold Pigment. All these are different categories of Gold and Etrusque definately falls into the category of Yellow Gold.

The closest color would be Urban Decay Honey or MAC Goldmine. Thise colors are similar, but not Dupes for sure.

Is this Color a part of your HOLIDAY WISH list?

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