November 1, 2010


Star Wars DARK VADER wishes you HAPPY HALLOWEEN....

Hola Friends...

Hope you all had a really fun and Spooky Halloween. We sure had some good time!! Right now, I am feasting on yummy candies, that my son collected from literally Everywhere... Luckily, most of them gave some "good quality, edible Candies".
We didn't had any scary Wild Parties though...

With Halloween all done, Leaves all dry, Trees almost Bare and Weather all Cold, its all Official Winter at my home. We Switched on our Heating systems today...

On Make-up front, I did buy something from Sephora over the weekend, not from the FF SALE though. I had some store credits. Will share my goodies soon. Now I don't feel left out, when everyone is enjoying the sales.

Me signing off...You all have a great and lovely week ahead..



  1. Aww...that's a really cute DARK VADER! lol

  2. Good for you...I'm glad you're a little happy now. LOL

    How cute is he. :-)


  3. im sure he had fun with his costume! cutie! i cant wait to see wut u got from the sephora f&f sale. i just finished placing my 2nd order ;)



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