November 12, 2010


Very recently I tried my first Victoria's Secret Eyeliner. Now this brand has some real nice cosmetic products. I have used their lipsticks in the past and they were really nice. Also, I have one of their Lipliners and its working good too. In the store, the sale lady helped me wipe my eyeliner swatches with their Eye Make-up Remover and let me tell you, it was Fantastic!
I will definately buy it, once I am done with my current remover.

The eyeliner is Great! I chose the color Dark Forest, which is a rich Forest green Color. the pigmentation is Amazing and Rich. It does not has any shimmers or glitters, yet it is not a flat matte, dull color. There is a tiny bit of metallic sheen.

The color applies smoothly both on my lashline and waterline, stays put for real long hours and does not smudge or budge. It didn't hurt my eye, there was no watering or buring sensation that I have experienced in the past with some eyeliners.

It takes around 20 seconds to set completely. If you intend to smudge, do it within those 20 seconds. It comes with a sponge tipped smudger on one end and liner at the other.

I also picked full size Urban Decay liners in Mildew and Stash. I thought Mildew was a very dark color, but ion comparison to Victoria's Secret liner, it just pales.

Above swatches are a bunch of Green and Golden Green eyeliners that I have. I do have a Stila Eyeliner pencil in Forest, that I believe is a discontinued product. It has the darkness and richness of Victoria Secret's liner, but that one smudges and is not a long lasting one. Its more like a Kohl.

I personally enjoy Deep, Dark Green Liners. What are your Favorite colored liners?


  1. That Urban Decay Stash looks nice.


  2. Loving the Greens! I never wear Green liners, but your swatches are tempting! Time to try one :)

  3. Those colours are so intense. I am IN LOVE! I will definitely check these eyeliners out. I should wear them often as well.

  4. great eyeliners! i love vs makeup, haven't had a complaint with any of them that i've tried...and i've had lots!


  5. Oh man, you are killing me with this post, there's not one I wouldn't happily add to my collection!!! Gaaahhh!


  6. Dark Forest, Stash and Moss = BOMB colors!



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