November 13, 2010



Unique powder blusher imparts a flattering radiance to cheeks. Remarkably silky
texture for easy application and subtle shading. Accentuate cheekbones for a
youthful look. Softer tones around the eyes soften expression and rejuvenate.

Nope! Never ever purchased a CHANEL Blush. This Blush is a part of my swap with a friend. I am not really updated with all the CHANEL Limited Edition stuff. I know they come out with collections, but I am not the best person to know all about their US and Asia releases, let alone the differences between them.
So my Friend who gave me this said its LE,but I could still see them on Neiman Marcus website.

On to my Ramble about CHANEL JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH. Yep, make-up lovers call it Chanel JC Blush. Cool!

The first thing that came to my mind when I opened the Blush was this is HOT PINK like my NARS Desire. But these two are Wayyy Different.

The packaging: Classic CHANEL Black container, comes with a good size mirror and a tiny Blush Brush. The casing is all Plastic, with some sheen. Its Light weight.

The Color: The Chanel JC Turbulent is very cool, blue based Pink color. A pretty color and even though its cool, it surprisingly worked very well on my yellow based, warm skin tone and looked very Natural. Not at all garish or Clown kinds.

The texture: It is very Powdery. Its soft and smooth, finely milled with no glittery or Sparkly Particles. It is not Flat, Matte either. There is a sheen, but the sheen is provided by some finely milled Silvery thing. On cheeks, none of this Silvery particle or powder is imparted. Just lovely, healthy cheeks, with flush of color. It also has a mild Scent. The Scent is a Pleasant one.

The Feel: Its smooth and soft. On application, this melts into the skin. Even though its powdery, it just does not sits on the cheeks. Blends in very beautifully and is very natural looking.

I am really enjoying the blush. My very first experience with CHANEL JC Blush is very satisfying one. At $45 I still think its steep. Blushes are required in very small quantity and if you have around 2-3 blushes of different shades, it will take real long time for any blush to hit the pan. I would not say that its a must have Blush, but definately worth trying. I would love to own another one too, but at $45, it better be a Perfect, Flattering Shade!

Any Color suggestions for a CHANEL JC Blush?


  1. Great review and swatches! That color is so pretty! :)

  2. I see Pretty Pinks there! Such lovely collection of Pinks! **DROOLS**

  3. Very steep...but you did some great comparisons.

  4. You had my heart racing when you said that it was still available on NM online b/c I have been coveting this blush for the longest time. Of course, I checked immediately on NM website but it wasn't available. :(

  5. Thank you ladies for loving the PINK...

    @Anon; Aww, I am sorry...I just saw it one day. Itw as there. But then I am pretty dumb when it comes to follow CHANEL...I must have seen something else...:(

  6. Thanks for the review. The price is quite steep and I don't think I would purchase a Chanel Blush. I actually found my HG blushes which are the MUFE ones....I love them. I am loving the BB Coral Pot rouges right now. The txture is amazing.

  7. I only own one of these, no.15, Orchid Rose and it's one of my favourite blushes! Very flattering, give it a swatch whenever near a Chanel counter!
    And you're right, they have this domed shape, it's impossible to hit pan on it!


  8. Some AMAZING PINKS you have there. I like Desire and Charm the best!

  9. would it be possible you can grab a snapshot of the back of this Turbulent blush for me? I have detected alot of people with fake Chanel Turbulent..even from beauty bloggers... :(

  10. I'm sorry but I spent the entire time correcting your grammatical errors. It seems like you have a nice little blog, maybe more people would read it if you put capital letters in the right places? I'm not trying to be mean, just providing helpful criticism. I would love to read more of your opinions but the errors are too off-putting for me.

  11. @Shannon: Thanks for the comment. English is not my first language. Infact, its not my second language too. Still learning.



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