November 5, 2010


A bunch of Products I picked from Sephora Store as I had some Store Credits and a Gift Card. It really sucked to pay full price, especially when Sephora was having a FF sale online. Anyways, at least I am happy, I didn't miss out completely!!!

Goodies I picked

1. PHILOSOPHY Purity made Simple Cleanser. I had so many good things about this product and really wanted to see what the hype was all about.

2. BENEFIT POWDERFLAGE: This packaging and the hype sucked me in. I always set my concealer with a powder and even though I am happy with my current Laura Mercier one, I just needed to try this (Beauty Blogger's Problem)

3. URBAN DECAY 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils in STASH and MILDEW. Stash is my all time favorite and Mildew looked really pretty.

4. NARS Eyeshadow duo in BRUMES: I definately will use this as a liner, more than as an eyeshadow. Love the way it looks in the pan. Yet to check on lids though.

5. DIOR Miss Dior Cherie: This cute, mini fragrance bottle was a Deluxe sample and this was the one that started all of the above purchases. I love to collect cute mini fragrance bottles and as this was one of the deluxe samples, I thought of spending all my store credits and GC. I still have 15 bucks left though...

The above Purchases are from Nordstroms, Victoria Secret and Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom was having this Beauty Event and they were giving 4 Lipgloss minis for free. I went in to pick that and ended up using some of my Beauty Notes (A reward Programme of Nordstrom) for buying Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, that I use often and was running low.

The free Lip glosses are from Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Clinique and Smashbox. These are tiny samples, but good enough to try and experience the product. I have never used a LM or Trish McEvoy Lipgloss, so this is a good way to try.

I picked this eyeliner from Victoria Secret, a deep, dark Green color. It has Fantastic Pigmentation and I love Green Eyeliners. I don't know how good or bad it is on the waterline and the staying power, but the color is GORGEOUS!!! We will see if this is a YAY or NAY for me.

NAR Rajasthan Eyeshadow Duo: This is something I just couldn't resist. When I saw the swatches on various Beauty Blogs, I knew its pretty and it would be a great addition for the collection, but I passed. Later while going through Specktra NARS Forum, I saw these Huge swatches and I thought I cannot leave the country without this Beauty. HTH...Needless to say, a sold out product everywhere, the Neiman Marcus staff (from other make-up counters, not NARS) helped me to locate one in California (she called 5 stores!!). A week later I had this Beauty at home. It is AMAZING and I have no dupes for it.

I am excited to try all these goodies and report back to you all.

Share in your Latest Beauty Buy in the comments below.


  1. I'm drooling over your haul! I just got NARS Little Darling lipstick from Sephora and I love it! I never tried the LM tinted moisturizers our foundations but I'd love to try the foundation. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

  2. i love powderflage! it's so subtle yet sets the concealer so well =]

    great haul!

  3. What a fun haul Resham. I also picked up a couple of staples from the Sephora sale but had to resist getting everything. Can't wait to see your review on the camouflage powder.

  4. Hey great haul...Love the stuff, wish I could get them in India!
    Lovely blog honey...Try checking out mine.

  5. Nice haul...let me know how the Benefit powder works

  6. Ooh, great haul indeed!
    Will be checking out for your Brumes and Powderflage posts! ;)




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