October 25, 2010


Hi my friends..

I am back again, with another weekly update of my life. I can't help for this Monday Morning post appearing in quick succession...The weeks are passing by Super Speedy...

Anyways, last week we went to see the beautiful Fall trees and colors, but my son was really mad at us as he didn't get any chance to see Pumpkins, which is what HE associates with Fall/Autumn. So this weekend, we went to show him Pumpkins. This Garden had a display of over 300 varieteis of Pumpkins all big and small... He got chance to play in the hay and take pictures with Scare-crows and all the silly stuff.

I too did my little shopping. I added a few Pandora Charms to my Bracelet. I have yet not ordered from Sephora FF sale, which is really giving me restless nights..lol!! Due to my self impossed restriction to buy much stuff, I didn't order any Fragrance. Fragrance bottles are heavy and it will be difficult for me to move across the globe with heavier luggages. I will have to pay more...which I really want to avoid now. I am sad that I am missing this sale, as I love adding Fragrances to my collection during sale times.
Will order for some Urban Decay Eye Pencils though (esp the Color Stash). Its one of my favorite Colored eye liners.

Rest all fine. I will be around, posting something that might interest you, but honestly nothing very new, because I am not buying much.

Have a great and Lovely week ahead.


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  1. WOW...that pumpkin is HUGH. lol

    Dhalia of www.mzfashioncloset.com



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