October 18, 2010


Hi friends...

Hope this Post finds you in all good health! Me? Fine...

I had a great weekend. We went to the Poconos Mountains, Bushkill Falls to be precise. My eyes are all relaxed with the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. The weather was beautiful...so was the day!

I finally got a chance to see the MAC Disney Collection after so many days. Its OK. I just didn't find anything ubber unique to spend on. I should say, I am just being picky.
With all the anticipation of moving, I just need to cut down on accumulating any stuff now.
Moving to another city is fine. You can take as much as you want, thanks to the local, ground Transportation. Moving to a different country, is hell of a task. There are luggage limits and not to mention the amount of stuff that gets broken or stolen during the big move.

Anyways, I just need to stop complaining about my family issues. By the way, my friend and a cousin agreed to do a swap with me for some of my make-up against Gift Cards and some other stuff that I have been wanting and that I can carry easily. So thats a very good thing and I am thankful to them.

Nothing much to share. I have a little jewelry haul coming up. I can carry jewelry both fine and fashion pieces easily in much less space. So I am happy hauling for them and that way it curbs my shopping craving.

Signing off now. I will be around.

Have a colorful week...



  1. Where are u moving to Resham? Sorry for getting back late to your question - I haven't seen the Dior Holiday Collection yet but will do swatches when I visit my local counters this week.

  2. @Kristie: Initially the company gave us 3 options. Canada, London or Singapore. Then Canada was ruled out. Now we have 2 left. The worst part is they are not telling where and exactly when. Anytime in between Jan to June to Oct...It weird and annoying because I dunno what to do wth my Lease, my Son's school...We can't buy any stuff...Its just so random and confusing...but moving is sure...

  3. A getaway around this time of year sounds amazing, wish i could arrange sth like that too..!

    Hope all goes well with the move! :)

    Looking forward to your jewellery haul missy! ;)




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