October 11, 2010


Pic: Mikelens

Hi all you Beautiful People...

Hope everyone is doing good. Me and my Coffee, both are smiling..:)
Our week was pretty much the same as last week. I don't think I did anything different worth mentioning.
I did visit Specktra site for long hours and OMG! The new upcoming collections from MAC looks great! There are some new products and the swatches of Tartan Tale collection, I believe its called look just AMAZING!!! There is one quad, that has my name written all over it.
Also I am lusting over DIOR collection swatches on The Beauty Look Book and Fab Over Forty Beauty Websites. They are just wonderful.
Its difficult to choose from many of these Holiday/Winter Collection. All the brands I love are coming out with exceptionally good color selection. To top it all, I am so on a restricted Make-up buy! This SUCKS!

Budgeting is really a hard task during Fall/Winter Seasons. Oh, well....This Phase too shall pass..
Oh, there is the most awaited SEPHORA FF Sale coming this month end. I don't know what will I do...but I will try to keep strong..lol!!!

Have you decided on anything that you are going to buy 100%, for sure?? Share..Share..:)

Wish you all have a great and Healthy week ahead..


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