October 4, 2010


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Hi my dear friends,

Hope everyone is doing well. Things at my end are a little rough. There are tons of things going on in my life with me and my family. There are loads of changes expected in coming months ranging from change of job to moving again. Nothing is concrete as yet but since last week anxiety, uncertanity and anticipation are the only emotions I have and let me tell ya, its one hell of a bad set of emotions!

As much as I feel guilty for neglecting my blog, I still do love it to bits. I just don't have the mind focused on this blogging and make-up thing right now. I have some rough drafts for posts and I will try to fine tune them and publish them in the coming week. The new collections are exciting and I do wish to buy few things, but right now...It total full-stop to purchases. I am trying to save some for rainy days ahead.

Hope you all understand and yes, please keep visiting.

Have a great, wonderful week ahead. We here in Philly are going to have a cold, rainy week.



  1. I am in Italy but we have the same weather now.

  2. I hope all gets well eventually. Just hang in there. Takecare. Will be missing your blogposts as well.

  3. Hope everything will turn out well for you and your family. I'll always be a visitor and reader of your blog :)

  4. Ohh..I hope all is well...

  5. I really hope all is well...I'll still be here when you come back.


  6. Hope things are better by now doll! xxx



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