October 26, 2010



Seriously? This is a Drug Store Product? I mean comeon...Its FANTASTIC!!
This literally proves "All that Glitters is not Gold"!!

I am a self confessed ardent eyeliners user. I always always waterline and tightline. I have tried numerous Brands from Makeup Forever to MAC to Smashbox and Urban Decay. Also, in-between brands like Ulta, Covergirl, Stila, Prestige...and so on.

I obviously had heard that this product was good, but for some reasons my nearby CVS and Giant stores never had it in stock. Now I know why it was always 'Out of Stock'!

I can confidently say, nothing is as rich, soft and long lasting as this one. Consider my past reviews as Out-dated. Urban Decay though is long lasting, its still not as rich in color nor is this smooth. Milani Liquif'eye liner is like Liquid liner. It has this shine and intensity of a liquid liner and not to mention the richness and darkness of the color.

I have Black color, so I am talking about that one color. Its long lasting and once it dries within 30 seconds, its sets and then nothing can budge it.

I use a make-up remover to get rid of it at night. So very impressed with this one. Its a new Favorite and I know its going to be in my good books for very long time.

Disclaimer: I am raving about this product, it was purchased by me. Not sent in for consideration.


  1. I agree, this product is amazing and a steal at the price!

  2. @Anon: SO true...I wish they come out with huge color selection like UDs...



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