November 2, 2010

MAC - Stubborn Brown Liner

I don't have much to say about this product. This didn't work...Period! It refuses to impart any color on my water line. Does not wants to stay there at all, if I some how manage to apply it.
I have used MAC Power Point Pencil in Engraved, which is a Black color. Even though, it is not the best Eyeliner out there, it still is nice. This color in Stubborn Brown is my first "colored liner pencil" from MAC.

Do all the colored Power points lack Pigmentation? Does anyone else had any difficulty with colored liners from this brand? Please share in your suggestions. How do I use this?
I threw my Bill and I have this Unsharpened, Like new Pencil.....


  1. I think I have one MAC Pointer Point pencil and it's ok..not as pigmented or smooth as the Pearl glides. I have the grey color one and barely reach for it. When it comes to brown liners, my bets are on Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown.

  2. I've been dreaming for MUFE to come back out with the pencil kit they had for their 100th year. I believe it was the entire collection and you know they are very pigmented.


  3. Wow, I wouldn't have expected this from MAC, given the quality of their regular pencils or the pearlglides! I have not used the power point ones though to be honest, wish I could be of more help!
    Pity that this is such a letdown!!! :(


  4. Milani Brown Eyeliner is very nice. I like Ulta too and I got it for just $2!

  5. Try warming the pencil with a little heat.... it worked for me! Hope this helps =D



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