October 28, 2010

Dazzling Wishlist

I do this every year. Its an old trick, but it works! I make sure that my Wishlist reaches all those people who will be gifting me with something for the Holidays or all the other especial days that come during the last months and Initial 3 months of new year.

Also I make sure that I keep bringing the topic of what things I am 'lemming' or 'missing' or 'wishing' etc etc. It may be dumb, rude, foolish or whatever, but it helps me in getting what I want and it also helps the giver to decide. Also saves the hassle of "returning".

Honestly, there is two list in my mind. A "Practical wish list" and an "Impractical Dream list". The dreamlist is Obviously a list of products that I can only Dream of...I will post that for fun someday, but right now...

On to the Practical Wish list:

I love Ceramic Watches. I have the above two models, but the FENDI in white color and the MARC JACOB in Black. I find myself using them a lot. So I wish to get the above two again in the colors shown. Is it a good decision to buy same models of watches in Different colors??

MOVADO, an all time classic piece, affordable kinds and still work with many outfits. I have one, exactly same as the one pictured above that pink dial watch. I wish to own two more. One in dual tone, an Esparanza Model and a 100% Gold tone, in a model that is undecided.

Swarovski Desert Parallel

I have a similar one in Silver and Clear Crystal. It looks beautiful, but I think the gold one would work still better on my skintone, especially during summer months. Those parties are cool and this would go well with the natural tan that I get. I am kind of weird! If I like a piece in one color, I wish to own them in other colors available too. I do this often with my clothes.

David Smallcombe Jewelry

I like the work of this artist. His website just shows the pieces, but not the price. Its difficult to choose something without its price listed. I do love the way his jewelry looks though.


Pandora/Chamilia Beads for my Charm Bracelets. This will always be a part of my wishlist. There is nothing called as 'too much beads'. The permutation-combinations are endless! The more beads you have, more unique creations are created!

I was searching for Authentic Gemstone beads, for making Bracelets to go with 2 Gemstone bead bracelets that I already owned. My idea was to stack them like the picture shown below. Those are a bunch of woodbead bracelets, by a Youtuber named Dara. I am not sure if this name is correct. I stumbled upon this Blog Eightseventeen jewelry, and the blogger makes these lovely bracelets with real Gemstones and a silver charm. Its so cute, I just can't stop thinking about them!Definately wish to own a black and White one.



This is very much in fashion and insanely expensive. Well, not insanely...but considering the fact that its just leather and nuggets, I don't want to spend so much on it. A gift is always welcome..lol!

As much as I love Accessories, I just can't keep myself away from make-up. There sure is a wishlist, though I am pretty much not in a position to buy more, for reasons many of you know.


The new Fragrance Peace, Love or something like that. I personally liked the smell. Fragrances are subjective, so it may be Yuck! for someone, its a Wishlist Item for me!!


I recently got chance to experience a CHANEL Blush (the round one). Want to try this one aswell. The pattern itself is GORGEOUS!!


It SUCKS that this palette is always Sold Out. I have many similar colors, but the whole idea of these nested in one palette is great! I love the fact that its SLEEK and NOT BULKY like the BOOK OF SHADOWS. Definately, tops my Wishlist.


I don't remember the name of this Estee Lauder Palatte, but me being a sucker for neutrals, I just need this in my life.

So this concludes some of the materialistic things that I wish to get or buy. I hope I manage to own at least 25% of the list.

DO YOU HAVE A LIST IN MIND...PLEASE SHARE..I would love to add more to my list, by Copying yours!!!

Disclaimer: I am not Affiliated with any of the brands or Blogs mentioned above. This is just a wishlist!


  1. I am loving almost everything you have mentioned. Need to check out those Cute Bracelets and yes, even I am badly wishing that Wrap Bracelet.

  2. That's a long list. LoL...I still havnt made a list for IMATS yet at all. I'm thinkin and I'm also tryin to budget.

    The watch and bracelets are looking nice to me. The Naked Palette also just got on my list.

  3. Hey Resham - you will love Chanel blushes because of the texture and soft glow it gives. Out of all the tweeds, I would say Tweed Fuchsia is one of the best compared to the coral or pink. If you have a chance, apply it on you in store, not just swatch. It's really lovely.

  4. What a list...I'm love with the watches.


  5. Loving the David Necklace and earrings! I want those watches aswell.

  6. Cute list!!! ;)
    Great stuff here, from the jewellery to the makeup!
    I think I will follow your example and start hinting! Haha!


  7. gr8 list!
    love the watches you have up there esp the fendi, just got myself the rose gold Micheal kors watch!lovely!
    also got myself also the pandora last week..helzberg diamonds has better charms then pandora, and they are called as 'expressions', and they are almost the price range, and they fit pandora bracelets.I filled them already, and my theme was burgundy and black! love them!

  8. @Hailey: I love those Beads. They just look so cool all stacked up!

    @Zerin: That NAKED palette is always Out of Stock. So annoying!!!

    @Kristie: I think I will love it..don't own a Fuchsia Blush...

  9. @Dhalia: I LOVE LOVE watches. Really have been wanting a Michelle one, but its still on mega wish list...lol!!

    @Anon: His Jewelry looks 'different' to me..Just need a good website to buy them.

    @tina_mbc: You love Jewelry...don't you...lol!! Share you collection on your blog someday..:)
    Hinting ALWAYS helps....haha...

    @Ash: I have some Helzberg Beads. They sure are pretty...Do share the pic of your bracelet...:)

  10. Gosh, I wouldn't know where to start! It's quite a lot, mostly fashion jewellery that I 've bought over the years.. who would want to see my tacky "Paris Hilton" as I call them crystal poodle earrings????! LOL! Most of it I don't wear anyways anymore..!
    I will make a fashion haul/wishlist post soon though, and there will be some jewellery in there, so don't worry! ;)


  11. Yes, my dear, the Chan Luu bracelet is insanely expensive for what it is. If you made it yourself, it would cost you around US$10 to do.



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