October 29, 2010


A sheer, oil-free, cream-to-powder complexion perfector. This is lightweight,
translucent, foundation-like product smoothes out imperfections and evens skin
tone with a silky, smooth finish that's super natural and super gorgeous.

First I got it as a mini in those Travel kits released by Benefit, a great way to try those sample size product before committing on a full size one. Initially I had like this product, but my only issue was the color match. I went ahead and bought the Deep color and unfortunately that color too didn’t work.

On to the review:

Benefit calls it “Foundation Faker”, which obviously means something that you can apply to get a look like Foundation, but is not really one…duh!

Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Deep

The Packaging: The Packaging is cute, like most of the Benefit products. It looks like a record and comes with a good size mirror and a sponge, securely nested in lower compartment. It is white in color and as the product is a cream, after a couple of uses the Plastic container tends to get dirty and looks ugly.

The texture: This is a light weight, cream to powder product. It has no smell and is not too greasy or oily to touch. Infact it turns into powder form almost instantly on rubbing. Its pretty easy to blend.

The application: This being a foundation faker, does not really has the coverage of a foundation. It is pretty much light coverage cream and all it will do is give an even look to the skin. It turns to a powdery finish on application, without actually looking cakey. It comes with a sponge, but I personally prefer using my fingers. The sponge soaks up too much product and there is a lot of wastage. Also, its just gross. I could never apply any cream product on my face with that Skunk Brush. Fingers are my best friend.

The color: Benefit has this in 3 colors. Lite, Medium (Original), Deep. Apparently, it is supposed to be self adjusting and these 3 colors would almost work for anyone. I think that’s dumb. The lightest color will probably work on very light skin tone person and may be one or two shade before and after. Same is applicable for other shade in medium. At the most the product will cater to one shade lighter or darker than the actual color of the cream. This one did turn ashy on me and was totally light and unnatural. The darkest shade which is Deep, is just so dirty, muddy and Orange/Yellow. I don’t really see it working for many dark skin tone people, including myself. Its just Dirty!

The feel and Finish: When I tried the sample size in summer, I liked how it felt on my skin. Apart from the mis-matched color, nothing was wrong with it. I am more of a tinted Moisturizer person, so I personally liked the whole concept of giving the face an even look, without all the caking and heaviness.
In colder months, now that my skin is drying, I find this product too drying and it just sits on the skin and makes those flaky patches more noticeable. This would not be a great choice for people with dry skin or with many issues.

If your skin is in a condition, where you need to apply a lot of Concealer, this product will be useless, because you will end up seeing Concealed Patches beneath this!

Size Comparison of a mini with MAC Eyeshadow

I personally feel, that this a product more apt for someone with really good, healthy skin with minimum issues. Someone with Normal and Oily skin will enjoy this product. The color match would still be an issue though. I strongly believe with my experience, that those 3 colors DO NOT work for almost all the skin tones.

Swatches of Foundation Faker in shade Medium (Its so Ashy)

Did you ever try this Product? Share your thoughts...


  1. I have the lightest shade of this, from the mini sets but I've bought it before. My problem is that I'm a medium coverage, flawless finish kind of girl so that's why I wouldn't use this everyday. It is good though for a bum rush job, when you're pressed for time. I agree that this won't do anything for those who need the extra coverage. I like using this with a foundation brush, like the 190, because it allows it to blend better than sponges or fingers.

  2. i have the medium shade, and i hit pan lol, but i don't like the texture (feels greasy) but i like the finish. I agree with you the sponge soaks up most of the product and is useless, however i can't think of other ways i can apply this (excluding fingers). This is surely a foundation for people with little skin issues/skin concealing!!

    thanks for your review btw :D! I tried their Hello Flawless foudnation compact and it's SO MUCH better, in fact it's my HG now :P

  3. Thanks for the review. I normally don't have much benefit products. I only have the Coralista blush and that's it.

  4. Never tried this....thanks for the review. But that is really small compared to a MAC eyeshadow.


  5. @ Katie: I need to try using it with 190 brush. The color however didn't work for me..:(

    @Jennifer: I saw that compact, but just need to find the correct shade. Right now I am using MAC Studio Fix Powder. Thanks for the recommendation...:)

  6. @Zerin: You love your MACs and NARS...lol!!!

    @Dhalia: Its the mini size. Good for trying the product. It is either a hit or miss...:(

    @Sonia: Its MAC Straw Harvest. It was LE...Isn't it pretty....:)

  7. Hey you should go for Medium. I don't know why you'd buy the deep shade, its too dark for you. Medium may seem light, but if you blend it, I am sure it will be ok. I hate when SA recommend me the darkest shades of concealers/foundations and it feels like I have put dirt on my face. Foundation/concealers shouldn't feel like that.

  8. @Adorable on your Vanity: The mini I tried and have swatched above is Medium (Thats what was written on the mini box). But now I think I might be confused. Thanks for the suggestion. I wll Double check the shade...
    and yes, you are right...The moment MU see a NC40 plus skintone, all they do is give you the darkest shade..lol!!

  9. This product broke me out! I hated the color deep!!!
    p.s: I like the way you review products.



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