I am not a huge Nail Polish collector. I love to paint my nails and I make sure that my nails are never 'Naked' but I am not into following the collections and stuff. Infact, till last year I used to paint even Turquoise color in Fall, but now I kind of try to restrict that to summer and wear more season appropriate colors, thanks to all the Nail Blogs!

I picked a few colors in the past 2 months and they are just random colors. Nothing new or unheard of.

Some comparisons of the above colors, with the colors I already had.

I love Grey on my nails. MAC released a Grey Nail polish called 'On the Prowl' with their Hello Kitty Collection. It was one of the best Greys I had. My mom loved it and I gave it to her. I could never duplicate that grey though.

Its my first time trying 'Barielle' Brand Nail Polish. It is good. The consistency is not too thin and I get the decent bottle color in two coats.

Mink Muffs is my typical Brown Color, a type that I usually like to apply on my nails. They just work with everything, I mean with all the outfits. I had seen people enjoying a beautiful color by CHANEL called Particulier or something like that. As much as I love that color, paying $23 for a nail polish kinda sucks! I can go over budget with a Skincare stuff, but for some reasons, Nail Polish, No!

Purples, Mauves are my all time Favorites. They just look too good on my hands..:)
All the four colors above are Obviously different from each other. Parlez-vous OPI and Call your Mother look close in bottle, but on Application they are different and I enjoy them both.

Recently Essie came out with a lovely Fall Collection. Merino Cool and one more greenish shade were just amazing! My ULTA didn't had these colors. They were Sold Out! I would like to own them though, as they are pretty much my kind of colors and luckily Affordable (thanks to ULTA discounts)

I didn't swatch any of these, simply because non of these are any new colors. Infact, I myself have picked them after lusting over Fabulous Swatches on various Nail Blogs. If you want to see any of these colors on nails, just let me know and I will share them on my nails.

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