September 4, 2010


A drugstore creme liner, that really made headlines in the Beauty Community. I too went ahead and Picked a jar. This is the best thing about Drugstore products. They are affordable enough to just TRY a hyped product without actually repenting if it turns out 'meh'.

For me, this one didn't do the trick. Sorry!!! I have heard that people disliked this product once, but then liked it again when bought the second time. Bad Batch theory....I won't spend another $3.50 for sure.

OK, so enough rambling....Lets dissect the product.

The Container: A plastic container, with a lid. Its not a good lid. The screw caps, not fitting the grooves well. My experience says, Gel or Creme Liners dry quickly in plastic containers and last longer in Glass Containers. Just my Opinion. I may be wrong...

The Brush: It comes with a Crapy Brush and I could never understand, why the liners come with this kind of brush, that is so harsh like a broom and so thick!!

The Color: Perfect Jet Black. Love Love the color. Real Black. This freakin thing stays forever. It does not budge at all.

The texture:
This is a Creme liner. It was bit thick and I had to rub the brush back and forth to get a good amount of product. I could draw an even line easily for first 5 to 6 uses, but then later it started behaving funny. I believe the product is drying. Now I can't get an even application and the line edges are broken (I hope I am making sense)
I would prefer GEL LINER over Creme Liners any day. By gel liner, I mean the brush should sink in easily, pick good amount of color and draw a line easily.
For the staying power alone, it gets full mark, but I am sure it would dry again if I plan to get a new one, simply because the packaging is not good.

What are your Favorite Drugstore Eye Liner?


  1. This is my favorite! So cheap & pigmented.

  2. That's a pretty intense black you 've got there!
    Sucks that the packaging helps to the drying of the product tho! So, I guess all u can do is use it up while u can..?
    Funny that u mentioned that abt cream liners. Even though I have almost no experience with creme liners, I have the New ID cosmetics liner trio and it's very very creamy, in fact I 'd have wished the consistency was a bit thicker/more solid! Well, there's always gonna be STH, huh? :)




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